Sport Fishing Hybrid Package

Aimed at anglers looking to minimise their environmental impact and increase engine efficiency, e-Motion's dedicated Sport Fishing Hybrid Package provides an all-in-one solution that doesn't compromise on performance.

e-Motion's hybrid propulsion package negates the need for noisy generators so you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon of fishing, free of fumes and without the low-grade rumble of the power systems, just the soothing sounds of the ocean. Instead, sportfishing yachts can benefit from the best of electric propulsion for increased fuel efficiency, reduced noise and vibration, and additional power at the touch of a button.

When stationary, preparing bait and lines, the two electric engines work as an alternator to fast charge the battery in as little as 30 minutes. Once fully charged, owners can go trolling for up to five hours. Those looking to stay put can fish for up to 12 hours in Zero-Emission mode, using just the batteries alone for both propulsion and the hotel load.

All e-Motion systems are delivered ready to install with complete scope of supply, including main propulsion diesel engines, variable speed generators, control panels and levers, lithium-ion batteries, cooling systems, and more.

Zero-Emission Trolling Mode

  • All the internal combustion engines are off
  • Up to 5 hours in a noise-free environment
  • Only the high voltage batteries supply power to the electric motors and to the hotel load

Zero-Emission Hotel Mode

  • Zero noise and pollution
  • Lithium-ion batteries supply energy for all of the electrical systems of the yacht
  • At anchor, the yacht is fully operative for up to 12 hours with all the diesel engines off

Plug-In/Recharge and International Shore Power Mode

  • The e-Motion hybrid system has worldwide electrical shore power compatibility and charges the Lithium-ion batteries
  • Save fuel for the next day at anchor

Navigation Fast Charge Mode

  • Main diesel engines are on
  • Variable speed generators are off
  • The electric motors attached to the main diesel engines generate the power for the hotel load and charge the batteries to 90% in as little as 30 minutes


Diesel Electric Navigation Mode

  • Main diesel engines are off
  • Variable speed generators produce electrical power to operate the electric motors
  • Top comfort medium range navigation



  • NameSport Fishing Hybrid Package