Can you spot the differences on Siran's refit?

10 June 2015By Risa Merl

The famous Feadship superyacht _Siran _has just been re-launched after an extensive nine-month refit, which saw her sun deck superstructure updated.

In 2007, Siran returned to Feadship for a major rebuild where she was extended and to 67.01 metres LOA and her sun deck gained a new superstructure in order to host a gym and entertainment space.

The latest refit has also seen a refresh to her superstructure, but only the very trained eye might spot the differences by looking at the photographs.

Below are images of Siran in 2007 (top) and in 2015 (bottom), can you spot the differences after her most recent refit? There are at least three changes that can be seen.

Siran in 2007 (top) and now in 2015 (bottom) - can you spot the difference?

You can probably spot the new aft deck covering, which is designed to provide protection from the wind. Did you also spot that the composite roof of the sun deck has been extended by 2.5 metres? And bravo if you can see that this roof is supported by new aluminium walls with pivoting glass windbreakers, modelled to blend seamlessly with the same style of the existing side windows.

She's also had her paintwork updated, making her look shiny and new in the bottom photo.

The new aft deck covering on Siran

The 67.01 metre Siran is one of the last seven Feadships that was designed by the legendary yacht designer Jon Bannenberg before his passing.

Rare in the world of superyachts, Siran has had the same owners since her launch in 1991. With radically styled windows and innovative tender stowage, Siran was considered ahead of her time when she arrived on the scene. So perhaps it’s no surprise that her owners decided to continuously update her over the years rather than trade in for a new yacht.

Siran when she was originally launched in 1991

In addition to the new superstructure styling and paint job, while in for the recent refit Siran also had new low-noise propellers installed. Inside, two crew cabins were rearranged and she had her A/V upgraded to complement the latest technology, keeping her up-to-date for her owners for many years to come.