New order signed for Arcadia 85
2015-02-10By Risa Merl

Arcadia Yachts has signed a new order for its Arcadia 85 model.

This latest Arcadia 85 is destined for the South Amerian market. The 25.9 metre superyacht is the smallest in the Italian builder's fleet. This latest eco-friendly Arcadia 85 is destined for the Souh Amerian market, which stretches up to a conceptual Arcadia 180.

Arcadia showed off hull No 8 of its Arcadia 85 at the Fort Lauderdale boat show, and hull No 9 and 10 are already in build. The semi-planing Arcadia 85 motor yacht carries 40 square metres of photovoltaic panels each composed of hundreds of high performance solar cells, which power all of the yacht's on board equipment and its hotel load, including the showers, refrigerator and lights. This hints at Arcadia's passion for green technology, as does the optional hybrid electric powered propulsion.

The yacht boasts a seven metre beam, wide for her size, which allows for spacious accommodations. The Arcadia yachts have a focus on the union between indoor and outdoor spaces, and deckhouse is made almost entirely of double-layered reflective glass, letting in tons of natural light. Sliding overhead blinds give privacy and shade when desired.

The new sale coincides with the appointment Alessandro Diomedi as the new America's Market Manager for Arcadia Yachts. Diomedi, who previously served as Ferretti Group Manager for the last decade, will now be in charge of operations for the Americas for Arcadia and growing this market.

Arcadia Yachts will be displaying hull No 8 of the Arcadia 85 at this week's Miami boat show.

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