The best photos of 142m Lürssen superyacht Nord

The 142 metre Lürssen superyacht Nord became the 10th largest yacht in the world when it hit the water for the first time earlier this year. Previously known as Opus and Project Redwood, Nord is one of the largest and most secretive superyachts completed in 2021. BOAT rounds up the best photos of the admired superyacht. 

Nord in Germany

Credit: Dr Duu

The 142.6 metre highly secretive Lürssen superyacht Nord hit the water for the first time in 2020 and was delivered in February 2021 after which it headed south to explore the Spanish coast before crossing the Atlantic to cruise the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The yacht then headed back to Germany where it was spotted by yacht photographer Dr Duu.  

Nord returns to Lürssen

Credit: Dr Duu

Nord was spotted arriving back at its home yard Lürssen on June 4 where it stayed until June 22. It then departed the yard to cruise Sardinia and Corsica via Gibraltar. 

The decks

Credit: YachtShot

Designed by Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard, Nord features a total of six decks, which can all be seen clearly here. Speaking about the superyacht, studio co-founder Dan Lenard previously described Nord as "a warship wearing a tuxedo". The yacht is specifically intended for long-range cruising and global exploration.

Aft view

Credit: YachtShot

Five of Nord's six decks can be seen in this image, with the large swimming pool positioned aft of the main deck. Various sun lounging and dining areas can be seen aft of the upper and bridge decks while the first of two helipads sits above. Nord is also equipped with a sports and diving centre on the lower deck. 

The bow

Credit: YachtShot

The second helipad sits at the bow of the superyacht, which appears golden in this light. The striking plate declaring Nord's name also sits front and centre, allowing no confusion about the identity of the approaching superyacht. 

At night

Credit: YachtShot

Nord's aft name plate lights up as night falls, while bright lighting illuminates the decks. One of Nord's fleet of tenders, the largest of which measures 15 metres, can also be seen here moored to the stern of the yacht. 

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