Superyacht capsize of Northern Marine 85 project Blood Baron

19 May 2014 • Written by Risa Merl

A Northern Marine 85 superyacht, project Blood Baron, capsized during her launch in Ancortes, Washington. Local police received a phone call about an incident at a boat ramp at 9pm on Sunday and arrived on the scene to find the capsized 26m yacht.

A ballast issue was discovered as the vessel was being launched, according to police reports, and yard personnel boarded the vessel to attempt to correct it. Despite their efforts the boat began to list and not long after her port side submerged completely, trapping people in the engine room.

Police officer Scott Ray, who had been first on the scene, witnessed bystanders attempting to free those inside from a porthole. While they were able to rescue a few, some remained trapped. Ray took a fire axe to the hull and cut a large enough opening to free those still left inside. One person was taken to a local hospital with minor cuts and scrapes, but has since been released. No-one else was hurt. The incident is under investigation by the US Coast Guard.

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