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Inside Winch Design's ultra-sustainable Amels 60 superyacht interiors

14 April 2021• Written by Miranda Blazeby

Two ultra-sustainable interior concepts developed for the new Amels 60 range have been revealed by Winch Design.

Designed over a period of six months, the two interior design concepts named Barefoot and Moonlight were developed by Winch’s interiors team.

The Barefoot design

The design process saw the team dive “into the world of truly sustainable materials, working with suppliers to make sure each surface, material and finish chosen is totally sustainable,” according to Winch’s Yachts and Aviation director Jim Dixon.

The cutting-edge sustainable materials used in the designs include the likes of Pinatex, a material made from pineapple leaves, which undergo a chemical-free process to provide a versatile alternative to leather.

Tomoxotle, a textural material developed from corn husks, and Orange Fibre, the first sustainable fabric made from citrus juice, also feature throughout the designs.

The Moonlight design

Despite the core focus on sustainability, Dixon said the studio’s design process was largely unchanged.

“The interior teams still researched and tested the very best suppliers as they always do, making sure they are the right fit for the project and that the products are of the utmost quality,” he said. However, the sustainability initiative did present “an added challenge.".

“The fact that the whole interior needed to be sustainably sourced, from the floorboards to the cushion fabrics meant a number of our traditional suppliers and sample materials were unavailable,” Dixon added. This resulted in “the need to develop new relationships with suppliers and artisans working sustainably.”

The two interior concepts, Barefoot and Moonlight, play with contrasting colours, themes and materials.

Barefoot is described as “the lighter and warmer of the two interiors” with Moonlight acting as “Barefoot’s moodier sister”.

The first Amels 60 superyacht is under construction

Barefoot features a “neutral colour palette” with hints of “powder blue” and sustainable woods, such as Palm Wood, a sustainable softwood from the coconut palm tree.

Moonlight meanwhile is “darker, edgier and slicker” and inspired by “the feeling of a moonlit swim in the ocean”.

Designed for “relaxed yet impressive entertaining”, Moonlight features furniture made from recycled glass, including the cabinets in the main saloon. “This minimises waste going to landfill, saves energy and conserves natural resources,” Dixon said.

The two concepts come after Winch signed the Water Revolution Foundation’s Code of Conduct in 2020.

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