Superyacht Rendezvous Montenegro: 11 photos of luxury yachts cruising the Bay of Kotor

Superyachts enter the Bay of Kotor

Logica led the fleet of superyachts into the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. This photo shows the fleet, from front to back, that included Alyssa, Stella Fiera, Exuma, Komokwa, Lady Petra and Infatuation.

Alyssa and the fleet head into the bay

The fleet of luxury yachts entered the bay in the later afternoon for the cruise in company in Montenegro's Bay of Kotor.

Yachts round the bay

The yachts rounded to the west of the Bay of Kotor, where they were due to line up for a photoshoot in front of the iconic Our Lady of the Rocks.

Guests on Logica enjoying the cruise in company

Guests from Aries-Trieste Chamber of Commerce wave to the helicopter as they enjoy the cruise in company in the Bay of Kotor.

Logica leads the fleet to the photoshoot

Logica photographed at the head of the fleet as the superyachts head towards the location of the photoshoot.

Komokwa following the yachts through the bay

As the yachts start to line up for the photograph, Komokwa is seen on her approach to join the fleet.

Riza Tansu with his family and guests on Alyssa

Riza Tansu was joined on Alyssa by his family and guests during the cruise in company. Here he is seen waving at the camera as they wait for the other luxury yachts to catch up with them.

Guest of Komokwa waves from the bow

One of the guests on Komokwa is pictured waving at the camera as the fleet wait for sailing superyacht Infatuation to join the lineup.

Infatuation joins the end of the lineup

With all the motor yachts in position, Infatuation joins to complete the line up for the photoshoot.

The perfect shot

All seven yachts that participated in the cruise in company were photographed from a helicopter in the Bay of Kotor.

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