Top 4 design features of Perini Navi sailing superyacht Dahlak

Performance pedigree

Perini Navi’s latest 38 metre sailing super yacht Dahlak was launched in March this year and now London-based design studio Phillippe Briand has opened up about the inspiration for this graceful sloop.

With a plumb bow and smoothly sloping aft, Dahlak exudes a certain sporty elegance, which will shine through at superyacht regattas across the globe.

What’s more, her deep-draught lifting keel and rudder will give the skipper plenty of control, both in tight upwind work and high-speed, broad reaching conditions.

Family-friendly interiors

In addition to her sporty credentials, Dahlak also has a surprisingly family-friendly interior, with a fresh and contemporary feel.

Styled in-house by the Perini Navi team, the high-volume living areas feature carefully selected furniture that does not overwhelm or crowd the space.

At her launch ceremony in La Spezia, Dahlak's owner said: “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to work so closely with the Perini Navi team, who accurately interpreted our needs and collaborated with us to define every detail.”

Cutting-edge technology

One of the features that truly distinguishes Dahlak from her rivals is the sheer amount of modern technology on board. Fitted with the latest generation of fully-automated electric captive winches, engineered in-house at Perini Navi, she boasts a deck that is unobstructed by sheets and running rigging.

What’s more, the Silent Night lithium polymer battery system ensures a quiet cruising experience, as well as impeccable environmental credentials.

But the crowning glory is Dahlak’s carbon fibre master, which is fitted with full composite standing rigging and towers 51.5 metres about the water, resulting in a sail plan surface area of 1,870 square metres.

Design heritage

Of course, Dahlak is just the latest in a long and prestigious line of refined sailing superyachts from Perini Navi, and Briand points to one of her illustrious predecessors as a key inspiration.

Her striking lines mirror those of sister ship P2, which was launched in 2008 is racing in this month’s Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta (June 7-11).

However, this design heritage can be traced back even further to 1997 and the launch of the 44.7 metre Briand-designed Mari-Cha III.

“There is no doubt that Dahlak will provide her owners with a superb platform for worldwide cruising,” Briand concluded. “She is a technological masterpiece, from which future yachts will be modelled.”

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