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Rubix Festival: An electric celebration of music and culture in Montenegro

14 August 2023

Emerging as a vibrant addition to the Mediterranean calendar, Rubix Festival has swiftly captured the attention of music aficionados and yachting visitors alike. Hosted by Porto Montenegro and set against the serene background of the Adriatic, the inaugural edition of the festival wrapped up in the final days of July and saw the waterfront transform into the ultimate music venue.

The new wave festival was conceived as a summer celebration of music, arts and culture and took over the nautical village for a three-day event, where renowned international DJs shared the limelight with local talents and guests danced late into the night to an eclectic mix of classical symphonies, electronic beats and soulful vocals. 

Within view of the Bay of Kotor, a haven renowned for its superyacht allure, the long weekend welcomed a stellar lineup of the world's finest musicians, including the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, British downtempo electronic band Morcheeba, and piano virtuoso Francesco Tristano, who wowed festival-goers with his electro-piano fusion set.

Beyond its musical allure, Rubix Festival hosted numerous workshops, interactive experiences, art exhibitions, local craft markets and a variety of food on-site, as well as a superyacht rendezvous, returning after a six-year hiatus and tempting the superyacht set away from the crowds of the Western Med. A newly crafted social programme included an Ocean Conservation Dinner at the internationally acclaimed MayaBay and a cocktail reception on the palm-lined Jetty 1 with invitations extended to all yachts over 40 metres.

"We are elated by the overwhelming response and the sense of unity that Rubix Festival has brought to Porto Montenegro," said Danilo Kalezic of Porto Montenegro. "This event was not only about music and arts but also about fostering a spirit of togetherness and celebration of diversity."

Rubix Festival is truly a celebration of creativity, culture and community underpinned by music and art. Attendees danced, connected and immersed themselves in the festivities, and with a second edition in the works, this summer festival is yet another reason to step ashore in Montenegro.

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