5 tips for a successful corporate superyacht charter

29 January 2015 • Written by Chris Caswell

It’s easy to think of a yacht charter as being reserved for families and friends on a leisurely vacation. But charter yachts are also perfectly suited for corporate use.

It’s not unusual for a corporation to schedule a business meeting at a golf resort, ostensibly as a perk but also to get away from office phones and distractions. Having that same meeting aboard a yacht is, in the words of one client, “really special.”

A yacht charter can also be a good way to put the principals of several companies that do business together into a relaxed atmosphere. As one CEO notes, “Sometimes all you need is fifteen quality minutes with another person to dramatically change the future of your business, and a yacht is perfect for that.”

Corporate charters are the perfect solution to the entertaining needs of many businesses

In order to make a superyacht corporate charter as successful as possible here are five things you should consider:

Be clear about your business goal

When discussing your needs with the charter broker, you need to clearly articulate what your business goal is, such as improving relations with suppliers, a product launch, networking, or providing a reward for employees.

Have a realistic budget

The same as if you were hiring a yacht for a personal vacation it is important to be clear with your broker about the budget you have to spend. The budget will help focus the search for the perfect yacht and your broker will be able to explain the additional costs involved.

Consider your accommodation carefully

Accommodation is an important consideration because you need to be able to handle as many guests as planned. You also want to offer reasonably equal quality in the staterooms so no one feels slighted.

Charter yachts can be as an incentive or perk for top-performing business associates

Contemplate chartering several yachts

In some cases — because many charter yachts are limited to no more than 12 guests — a corporate event may include several yachts. This not only permits more guests with equal quarters, but allows for additional activities. When a group of yachts on a corporate charter gather in a harbour the guests can visit one yacht for a special event or party. Separate yachts also lend themselves to team building with competitions between the yachts such as beach volleyball.

Ensure you have an experienced crew

The crew should have corporate charter experience so they understand the distinctions between these and private charters. The differences include strict budget limitations, a larger number of guests and the requirements of corporate branding. The crew should also know how to deal with off-site caterers, musicians, decorators and even bodyguards.

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