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Orca whales chase honeymooning couple
2015-08-26By Salma Haidrani

A pod of killer whales put on a once in a lifetime show for a couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary off the coast off Mexico.

Rich and Laura Howard were scuba diving in the popular honeymoon destination with a friendly sea lion colony in La Paz when they saw 20 orca whales heading straight towards them.

“I didn’t think [it was] killer whales. I thought it’s going to be a humpback, it’s going to be a sperm whale, something that we’ll see from a distance,” Laura said.

The whales jumped and flipped about in the waves, attempting to keep up with their fast-moving boat.

The couple from Lutz, Florida, who are both keen scuba divers, captured this rare footage of the orca up close. They can be heard laughing as the whales come up for air and spray them. The video has now been watched by two million people.

“It’s really something that reminds me of this wonderful experience that we were so blessed and lucky to have happen to us,” Laura said.

At least the whales were unable to get on board the speedboat, unlike this San Diego yachtsman who was awoken by a sea lion climbing on board.

It’s not the first time sea creatures have gate-crashed a couple’s honeymoon in Mexico. A couple enjoying their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas were interrupted by a peckish sea lion, who hopped on board in search of fresh fish.



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