Which of these 7 Caribbean islands suits you and your superyacht?

Best Caribbean island all-rounder


Between September and March some of the world’s largest superyachts reside in the Caribbean. With its winter sunshine, beautiful beaches and some of the best dives in the world it is no wonder that private yacht vacations and luxury yacht charters in the Caribbean are so popular.

With 28 island countries and more than 7,000 actual islands, choosing where to visit can be a challenge. Here is a guide to which Caribbean island suits you.

1. Barbados – The best all-rounder Caribbean Island

Barbados is loved by everyone for a reason: it can please even the pickiest of holiday-goers. Whatever your budget, and whether you’ are interested in sunning yourself, playing golf, hosting your wedding or going scuba diving, you can do it here.

It'’s one of the more laid-back islands thanks to the famous friendliness of the Barbadians, and they’'re always keen to share their culture with visitors, including their great food that combines European, African and East Indian influences for a unique mix.

The island itself is beautiful and boasts acres of pretty tropical flowers and trees as well as coral beaches and clear waters. Those interested in the history of the island should visit Sunbury Great House for an example of the large plantations that used to dominate the island, while families will enjoy submarine tours that take you to shipwrecks, mini golf, wildlife reserves and underground caves.

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Best Caribbean island for history

Dominican Republic

In the years after Christopher Columbus first arrived on the Dominican Republic in 1492, a trail of political destruction and conflicted ruling would follow behind. The French, Spanish, Haitians and Americans all claimed ownership at one time or another over a turbulent five hundred years.

Now, the culture is a mish-mash of these influences and examples can be found in the amazing architecture of the museums and in the people themselves. Buildings from the 15th and 16th centuries have been carefully preserved and the colonial city is n’ot dissimilar to how it was in 1498, while the city of Santo Domingo was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990. The first inhabitants of the island, the Taino, who were wiped out, are also faithfully remembered in museums, and in the language and names of towns.

Considered a hidden gem of the Caribbean whether visiting on your own yacht or enjoying a luxury yacht charter in the Dominican Republic you cannot help but be taken in by this island's charm.

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Best Caribbean island for romance

St Lucia

St Lucia has it all,– the towering Piton Mountains, beautiful beaches and secluded resorts set into lush hillsides overlooking the crystal clear sea. As a result of its picture perfect scenery, St Lucia has frequently been voted the world’'s leading honeymoon destination.

There’ are many hidden coves to sunbathe in, a host of fabulous spas that use their beautiful natural surroundings in their products and architecture, and a plethora of truly excellent gourmet restaurants. Most resorts are found near the two main towns on the island; either close to Castries, the capital, or Soufriere, a more laid-back town found at the foot of those spectacular mountains.

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Best Caribbean islands for families

Cayman Islands

The three islands of the Cayman Islands each have their own character but all offer a huge amount to keep children of all ages happy, making the country one of best family–friendly destinations to visit.

As well as being great for scuba diving, the beaches are safe —– Seven Mile Beach is particularly popular and offers safe swimming and close proximity to local amenities –— and the activities are endless. Children from as young as eight can take scuba diving lessons, or there’ are turtle farms, ‘Stingray City’, pirate ships and plenty of kids’ clubs that offer fun activities and trips.

Days filled with horseback riding on the beach, swimming with dolphins, go karting and a visit to the oldest castle on the island should ensure children are tired out, leaving the nights free for you.

There’ is a huge number of hotels as well as a mix of gourmet and local restaurants. The traditional fare; conch stew and fish fry comes highly recommended.

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Best Caribbean island for beaches


Aruba’'s beaches offer the idyllic Caribbean dream: miles of brilliant white sand surrounded by calm, clear water that is perfect for snorkelling is the norm here.

Palm Beach, frequently voted one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and in the world, is probably the most famous, and although it can get crowded at peak times the water’s are still perfect for swimming. Eagle Beach, also found on the protected western coast, is just as popular. Windsurfers should head to Malmok Beach and Arashi Beach, found right on the northern tip and also handily placed for jaw-dropping sunsets.

Aruba is situated just below the hurricane belt and so, unlike many of the other Caribbean islands, it has a dry climate and rain is rare. The beaches on the northeast coast are protected from the extremes of the wind by fofoti trees, which are a sight worth seeing thanks to their sculpted, south-westerly bend that has formed over many years.

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Best Caribbean island for diving


Bonaire itself is relatively undeveloped, with few large hotels but plenty of apartments and guest houses. The island, created from volcanic eruptions, is where people usually flock to for scuba diving which, thanks to a completely unspoiled and nearly continuous coral reef close to the shore, is some of the best diving in the Caribbean.

Bonaire is one of the most environmentally aware islands in the Caribbean and leads in sustainable tourism, protecting most of its rural land by law. It has strict diving industry regulations to ensure reefs stay in pristine condition, with Bonaire National Marine Park also protecting nearby islands including the small uninhabited Klein Bonaire, home to turtle nesting grounds and occasionally flamingos, and also great for diving. On Bonaire itself, there’ are many dive sites to choose from, handily marked by yellow stones on the coastal road so all you have to do is pull over and dive in.

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Best Caribbean island for partying


Jamaica is one of the busiest islands in the Caribbean, offering an intense explosion of culture, nature, food and entertainment. It also has a long musical history, which is inextricably tied up in the history of the island, dating back to slaves working in the fields who passed messages to each other through song.

Jamaicans define themselves through their music, using it in rebellion, religion and weddings. African music that mixed with European influences created many unmistakable music styles. Two of the most well-known are Rastafarian music, which incorporated drums, tambourines and chanting, and reggae which is loved worldwide thanks to high-profile singers like Bob Marley. As you woul’d expect, the music scene in Jamaica continues to thrive. Hedonists should head to Negril for discos and the famous Jungle nightclub, while if you’ are after a more relaxed vibe visit the beach bars and reggae clubs in Montego Bay.

Whether you are taking in the island on your own private yacht or enjoying a luxury yacht charter in Jamaica you cannot help but get wrapped up in its musical heritage.

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