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22 January 2015

Fiji yacht charter

Fiji is all those images of the tropical island paradise you have ever dreamed of on a cold, wet day in Europe. Gentle, warm breezes, crystal clear seas lapping deserted beaches, swaying palms, friendly, smiling people – it is a slice of heaven on earth, where ‘Fiji time’ prevails, ensuring that life is experienced at a more relaxed pace.

Sunny, unique and unspoiled, Fiji lies between 15′ and 22′ south of the equator and has over 330 islands with miles of pristine white sand beaches, fabulous coral gardens and verdant tropical rainforests that cling to mountains that were volcanic in origin.

The islands are a fascinating blend of cultures and colour and have something to offer all yacht visitors. Once known as the Cannibal Isles because of their ferocious natives, Fiji is now renowned for the friendliness of its people.

Zefira anchored in Fiji | © Jeff Brown / Superyacht Media

Port Denarau is the ideal place to start a Fijian cruise as it is located only 15 minutes from Nadi International Airport. Within walking distance there are seven high end hotels, an international 18 hole golf course, a supermarket, shopping centre, bars, restaurants and marine services.

However, if you want to experience the true nature and generous hospitality of the Fijian people a voyage to the outer islands is essential. Here you can find picture-perfect desert islands, swim with manta rays and dive with sharks.

Fiji enjoys a mild, tropical climate, with warm dry winters from May to October and a warmer wet season from November to April, with the risk of tropical cyclones. The word ‘winter’ may be misleading as temperatures average around 29 degrees and the weather is settled with blue sunny skies. At all seasons the winds over Fiji are light or moderate and the trade winds are predominant from the east to south-east.

Amazing Anchorages

Vanua Balavu, Bay of Islands: Here thousands of years of erosion have created a maze of interlinked narrow channels dotted with mushroom shaped pinnacles, all sculpted from razor-sharp grey limestone. Most spectacular of all are the fabulous colours. Illuminated by shafts of brilliant sunlight, they range from a pale turquoise to the most vivid emerald blue to provide a startling contrast with the green foliage and grey rock.

Awesome on-shore activities

Taveuni Island,The 180° meridian: One of the rare places where the meridian passes across land (although the international date line is re-routed around Fiji rather than split it across 2 days.) This island, like so many in the archipelago, also offers cooling waterfalls, gardens brimming with fruit and flowers and a friendly welcome.

Brilliant Beaches

Vanua Baluva Island, South end: Within the encircling reef, there are numerous islands with enchanted inlets sheltering lovely beaches. This is the kind of remote idyll that only those who live here, or visit by yacht, can experience.

Delightful Diving

Diving is great just about anywhere throughout Fiji and the Tuamotus – a divers paradise.

Top Tips

The further you can get away from the main tourist centres the better: Fiji attracts many visitors from Australia and New Zealand. Further afield you’ll still find amazing beaches, great dive sites and reefs but without the crowds, such as Vanua balavu – an eroded island with numerous inlets and coves.

Off The Beaten Track

Bay of Islands: Loads of mushroom rocks that appear to hover above the water; great for exploring by kayak or tender.

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