Istanbul superyacht charter

22 January 2015

Istanbul yacht charter

Istanbul is one of the most extraordinary places you will ever visit. Spanning the Bosporus, the narrow strip of water that separates the Mediterranean from the Black Sea, visitors to Istanbul have 3000 years of history beneath their feet and 17 million inhabitants crowded around them in this extraordinary city.

Home to some of the world’s most interesting buildings – the Blue Mosque, the Topkapi Palace, the Grand Bazaar, and Haghia Sophia – it would be easy to spend a week here without getting bored, and yet you will only have scratched the surface of this amazing city.

The Basilica Cistern | © Shutterstock

The strategic importance of this site enabled Istanbul (previously known as Constantinople) to become a very important player in European trade for several thousand years.

From a European visitor's point of view the fact that Turkey is a secular state makes a visit to Istanbul slightly less intimidating than some other cities in the Middle East, and although basic safety precautions should be taken, Istanbul feels a safe and friendly place.

Apart from the obvious attractions (see above) you should also take time to visit the incredible Basilica Cistern (where some of 'From Russia With Love' was filmed), the spice market, the Cagaloglu Baths (for an authentic Turkish Bath experience), and take a stroll across the Galata Bridge.

Most of the historic quarter can be experienced on foot, and under no circumstances should you try driving in Istanbul (unless you're brave/foolhardy/local) - the traffic is shocking, the driving is terrible, and you're better off in a taxi.

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