Insider guide to Corsica with superyacht captain Jeremy

23 January 2015 • Written by Jeremy Solodilow

Captain Jeremy Solodilow joined 33.48m motor yacht_ O’_ to help advise on build, he stayed with the owner throughout the entire production process and has now been the captain since her launch in 2007. He brought with him 12 years of experience as a superyacht captain.

Jeremy’s knowledge, happy nature and address book makes him the perfect host for a very successful and unforgettable charter.

His love of being in, or around water is perfectly demonstrated in his hobbies, which list; water skier, wake boarder, stand up paddle board expert, snorkeling, fishing and a fully certified jet-ski instructor. All this can mean one thing – a truly memorable charter.

Charterfleet caught up with captain Jeremy onboard O’ in Antibes where he offered his top tips when chartering in his beloved Corsica.

Plage d'argent, the beach here boasts white immaculate sand Shutterstock

Top destination – Corsica

After travelling a lot, I still enjoy Corsica due to how versatile it is. No two charters are ever the same and therefore a destination that offers little bits of everything is ideal. So, depending on the people you have on board, I can confidently choose from many quiet spots, or on the other side if my guests prefer to party or shop I can choose from around two or three different harbours to accommodate.

Its close proximity to the south of France too offers a rich diversity of nature, on Corsica itself you have the white-sand beaches likened to that of the Caribbean – or on rainier days, the inland of the island offers a wealth of sight-seeing opportunities too.

Top harbours

For me, the newly refurbished Bonifacio is number one here. The sail-in is incredible. Protected by large limestone cliffs, this harbour is the perfect bad-weather retreat. Overlooking the marina is the ninth century cathedral and old town. Beautiful.

The newly refurbished Bonifacio harbour Shutterstock

Top Anchor

I have many GPS points dotted around Corsica that I can choose from depending on the sea and weather conditions. My favourite would probably be Senetosa located to the southwest of Corsica and in the south, Plage d’argent is also very nice.

Top Beach

Plage d’argent, the beach here boasts white immaculate sand. I tend to back in and then rope off to make a private swimming pool. My guests always comment on this place. The water is that lovely turquoise blue, very clear and always very tranquille

Place of interest

This is a judgment call depending on my guests. Girolata is a small village only accessible by boat or a (very) long walk. It is certainly worth it, you arrive to see a slice of Corsican life. Centuri is a small fisherman’s harbour in the very north of the island – there isn’t much to see here but it is certainly unforgettable – take a walk or a short snorkel around the island Capense. Saint floran (likened to a small St Tropez) is for those who like to shop, or the old city of Calvi is a beautiful place to visit, there are many things to do and see here.

Le Pain de Sucre has a small terrace that leads on to a pristine white sand beach

Top Restaurant

Stella d’Oro is a fish restaurant located in Bonifacio, I wouldn’t describe it as fancy but the food is very good and the atmosphere is unrivalled. In the old town of Calvi- a small beach-side restaurant called Le Pain de Sucre has a small terrace that leads on to a pristine white sand beach, it is not a Michelin starred place but it is very nice spot. For me, I like fantastic food within a small, cosy place. The atmosphere is much more important.

Named after the famous drink, party at B52 in Bonifacio.

Top Bar

Head to Calvi old town and to one of the music bars. The piano bar, Tao is one of my favourites; very cosy with live music.

For those who would prefer a more livelier place, party at B52 in Bonifacio. Named after the famous drink – I know this is a very popular night spot.

The inviting sundeck on board Motor Yacht O'

What should new charterers expect on board O’?

Happiness! Just be relaxed, follow the captain’s advice. All you need to bring are a few essentials. A t-shirt, shorts, maybe a dress for the evening but nothing too serious, you are on holiday. We are a professional crew – guests have to trust us, we are very good at reading their personalities and once you get a feeling for your guests, you can preempt what they want.

Sail away with motor yacht O' on your next charter vacation

Why charter O’?

This boat is beautifully kept; we can hold eight guests on a charter but many more when just in port. We have four crew who each bring something special to the charter. I honestly believe we have the best team dynamics. We are all on the same wavelength, our chef is also very good.

We love to get involved. For me, the sea is my life and it has always been that way. I genuinely care about the guests sharing in this passion. I guess we can be likened to a holiday reps – we always organise something fun to do. It is the small touches that make the difference. We open our hearts.

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