The Best Movie Locations to Visit by Superyacht

The Biltmore Hotel, Miami

Bad Boys

Fictional setting: In the 1995 film Bad Boys, starring Will Smith as Mike Lowrey, and Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett, who play two policemen on the hunt for drugs stolen from a police vault. Two of Lowrey's informants, Maxine and Julie, head to a party to search for clues, but the event goes south and Julie has to escape by jumping into the swimming pool.

True location: The party was filmed at historical landmark The Biltmore Hotel Miami in Coral Gables, which has also been a filming location for CSI: Miami and Miami Vice, among many others. Originally built in the 1920s, it was once a hub of celebrity activity, boasting guests such has Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Ginger Rogers. Now one of Miami's most prestigious and luxurious hotels, the Biltmore boasts a state-of-the-art golf course, one of the largest swimming pools in America, a culinary academy and a luxurious spa. Additionally, guests can go on boat excursions to the Everglades, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Nearby: There are a myriad of superyacht marinas in Miami, a list that includes Island Gardens Deep Harbour, which can host yachts up to 167 metres.

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Skellig Michael, Ireland

Star Wars

Fictional setting: The climactic scene of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Force Awakens is set on an island where the remains of the First Jedi Temple lies.

True location: In reality, the filming location is much more down to earth but no less mystical. The world heritage site of Skellig Michael, seven miles off the western Irish coast, was once an ancient monastery and is still home to archaeological remains. Local press reported that the producers were so grateful for using the dramatic location that they made a sizeable donation to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

Nearby: The rock is approximately 45-minutes from Kerry or alternatively you can organise a helicopter tour to take in the island from above. The west coast of Ireland may not be the easiest destination to visit by superyacht but for the true Star War’s aficionado is could be a worthwhile pilgrimage.

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Sydney, Australia

The Great Gatsby

Fictional setting: Baz Lurhmann’s 2013 adaptation takes place among the fictional Long Island beach communities of East Egg and West Egg. The houses, landscapes and cars are pure Americana – even the historical period itself is linked to this location, which thanks to the book’s fame, feels like the Roaring Twenties’ loudest corner.

True location: Lurhmann filmed in… Sydney; Gatsby’s Long Island mansion was in fact The Manly Business School, for example. The substitution makes sense culturally: Sydney’s booming economy, pretty young things, new social scenes and smart beach towns echo Fitzgerald’s setting – perhaps more than 21st century Long Island.

Nearby: Sydney’s early 20th century architecture lends itself to speakeasy bars: try Palmer & Co and The Baxter Inn. Sydney Superyacht Marina at Rozelle near the CBD takes yachts up to 70 metres.  Spit Marina is also undergoing an expansion to attract superyachts.

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Procida, Italy

The Talented Mr Ripley

Fictional setting: In Anthony Minghella’s 1999 film, the charisma of Jude Law’s rich kid Dickie Greenleaf is inextricable from the fictitious Italian resort of Mongibello. He pops into jazz clubs, lounges on the beach and has trysts on yachts. If he’d idled somewhere less romantic, Matt Damon’s poor jealous Tom Ripley may have felt less inclined to bonk him on the head with an oar.

True location: Procida, in the Bay of Naples, stood in for most of Mongibello. Off the mass tourist trail, the pretty island has ice cream-coloured houses, winding alleys and lemon groves. Glamorous Ischia also features and is nearby.

Nearby: The Albergo della Regina Isabella on Ischia is a gorgeous hotel on the water. Marina di Capri is 19 miles south east and Marina Molo Luise, in Naples, a little closer.

Marshall Point, Maine

Forrest Gump

Fictional setting: The lighthouse is one stop off during Forrest Gumps’ “very long run” in the 1994 classic. Gump runs down the long wooden gangway to the lighthouse before deciding “having got this far he might as well keep on going”.

True location: Unusually for movie locations the film was shot at Marshall Point in Maine. Located near the fishing village of Port Clyde there is also a museum on site, part of which documents the filming of the movie.

Nearby: The Maine Coastline extends more than 3,400 miles and has more than 4,000 islands so is perfect to explore by superyacht. Try and time your visit to coincide with the Rockland, Maine Lobster Festival (August 3-7).

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Ko Phi Phi Leh, Thailand

The Beach

Fictional setting: In Danny Boyle’s film Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Richard finds the eponymous beach Treasure Island-style, using a mysterious map – and his prize is the perfect sweep of sand.

True location: Ao Maya Bay on Ko Phi Phi Leh is indeed jaw-droppingly beautiful, on a luminous lagoon surrounded by towering cliffs – and it is easier to find than the film implies. There may be choppier seas in May and October, but it will be quieter.

Nearby: Stay on the yacht and enjoy some of the world's best dives. About 30 miles north west is Royal Phuket Marina.

Skopelos, Greece

Mamma Mia!

Fictional setting: The 2008 musical based around Abba numbers is set on the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi. The hot, dusty island, with its whitewashed houses and bougainvillea, sums up the romance of the Greek islands.

True location: Most of Mamma Mia! was filmed on the Greek Sporades islands of Skopelos and Skiathos. Skopelos, more rugged and less developed, boasts fabulous beaches: Glysteri, a gorgeous protected cove with translucent-green waters and Kastani, a cliff-backed slip of sand to the west. For the Abba-themed sequel, filming of the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi was actually undertaken in Vis, Croatia. The former Yugoslav military base was cut off from visitors until 1989 but is now making up for lost time, with superyachts flocking to the island’s white sand shores.

Nearby: The Adrina Resort & Spa on Skopelos has a rooftop restaurant with spectacular views. Skiathos Marina in Skiathos town takes yachts of up to 65 metres.

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

True Lies

Fictional Setting: Though the bridge was blown up in a confrontation between Arnold Schwarzenegger and a terrorist group known as the Crimson Jihad in 1993 action movie True Lies, it has also featured in other TV series and movies such as I Am Number Four, Licence to Kill, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Mission Impossible III, Burn Notice, and Leverage.

True location: The Seven Mile Bridge is part of the Overseas Highway, one of the best coastal roads to drive, which connects Florida to the islands of Florida Keys.

Nearby: Superyachts can anchor at Key West or moor at one of the marinas in Miami — Island Gardens Deep Harbour can berth yachts up to 167 metres. From either end take a private limousine to enjoy the long but stunning drive along the Overseas Highway and stop at a handful of the marvellous beachside restaurants and cafés en route.

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