Spit Marina in Sydney undergoing expansion to attract superyachts

18 June 2015 • Written by Sophia Heath

A marina in Sydney is undergoing a $5 million expansion to keep up with the market demand for superyacht facilities.

The Spit, which is part of the d’Albora Marina group, is undergoing an extensive redevelopment so that yachts up to 36 meters will be able to use its facilities.

The marina development is planned to meet the demand for superyachts in Sydney

The project, which is expected to be completed later this year, will create an additional 35 berths and will also see upgrades to the existing facilities.

Chief executive Brett Bolton said that the expansion was being driven by “market demand”.

“In recent years, boating demand has changed dramatically,” Bolton said. “It’s really meeting the demand of the market. Previously we’ve had to knock back business because of capacity. We’ve already been taking bookings for the post-term development.”

The marinas location on the western side of the Spit Bridge means that the bridge will have to open and stop traffic to allow superyachts through. Bolton told local press the bridge’s opening times would not prove problematic to the owners of the superyachts.

“The redevelopment of The Spit will benefit the boating and broader community as it is the only marina in Middle Harbour able to accommodate such a broad range of boats including superyachts,” Bolton added.

“Marina visitors will benefit from upgraded marina facilities including the expansion of a new premium berthing arm, improved access and egress, faster fuelling, extensive CCTV, a new leisure space, a new marina walkway and increased safety on and off Spit Road.”

The Spit is not the only marina in Australia expanding to help attract luxury yachts. Construction is also underway at Port Douglas marina in Queensland so that it can accommodate superyachts.

The developments are likely to be welcomed by the government that is in the process of trying to make Australia more accessible for superyacht charters. Australia is now offering temporary superyacht charter licenses for foreign yachts to help to boost numbers.

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