6 of the best polar adventures

Kayak in Antarctica

Heading to incredible ice destinations on a superyacht is definitely a holiday option to consider — with more and more explorer yachts being designed and a new marine reserve planned for Antarctica's Ross Sea, the only way to sail on your next adventure is into the snow.

1. Kayaking in Antarctica

Listen as gas bubbles pop in nearby ice while you paddle along the coast, through channels and past headlands and promontories, viewing Antarctica’s raw, frozen wilderness from a near-sea level perspective.


Run on ice

Pack your toe warmers and fly to Union Glacier in the Antarctic Circle, one of the best adventurous destinations to visit by superyacht, where you’ll test your physical endurance in average temps of -22 degrees Fahrenheit with a half-marathon, marathon or 100K event.


Heli-ski Greenland

If you have a sense of adventure, let a helicopter whisk you to the top of a steep, remote slope, then yell, “Wheeee!” as you cut through powder all the way down to the coast in the ultimate heli-skiing experience.


Climb Antarctica’s highest peak

Break out your mountaineering gear for this two-week expedition to one of the top adventure destinations, which aims for the 16,067-foot summit of Vinson Massif, in the heart of Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountains.


Journey to the South Pole

Travel via ski-equipped aircraft or six-wheel-drive all-terrain vehicle to 90° south — and more than 9,300 feet above sea level — where you’ll camp under the midnight sun.


Ski the last degree to the North Pole

After several days of polar preparation in Svalbard, fly to the 89th degree and spend a week or so cross-country skiing to the North Pole, hauling a sled full of gear and negotiating ever-changing sea ice.

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