14 of the most exclusive private islands owned by celebrities

Rudolf Nureyev

Li Galli/Le Sirenuse, Amalfi Coast

Home to the seductive sirens in Homer’s Odyssey, Li Galli or Le Sirenuse are a group of three romantic atolls close to Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Il Gallo Lungo, the largest of the three, is shaped like a jumping dolphin and was once the beloved holiday home of Rudolf Nureyev, the world renowned Russian ballet dancer and choreographer. Nureyev purchased it in 1988 for $2.4 million and subsequently redecorated the island’s three-bedroom mansion with an extravagant Moorish design that reflected his artistic flair. Unfortunately, Nureyev could not enjoy his private haven for long, relinquishing the property when he died in 1992. However, it’s now possible to rent the island for an exclusive holiday – perhaps something to consider if you’re exploring Capri, Ischia and the Amalfi Coast on a superyacht.

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David and Frederick Barclay

Brecqhou Island, UK

Business magnates David and Frederick Barclay bought the lease of Brecqhou, an island off the coast of Sark in the British Channel Islands in 1993. They built a gothic castle and the island was completely off limits to civilians until recently.

The stunning gardens took years of work and landscaping to complete, and now select visitors can see an olive grove, organic fruit and vegetable garden, vineyard and carp pond complete with Monet-style bridge. Additionally, there's a football pitch, helipad, orangery, chapel as well as a public house called the Dog & Duck.

The Barclay brothers are the co-owners of The Daily Telegraph and former co-owners of The European and The Scotsman newspapers. They own a number of well-known businesses including the Ritz Hotel in London, Littlewoods, and Yodel, while they also own property in Monaco.

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Celine Dion

Île Gagnon

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Located on the Rivière des Mille Îles (a channel of the Ottawa River) in Canada's Québec is Celine Dion's former private island Île Gagnon, on which she built an incredible mansion in the style of a French Normand Chateau.

The island is only accessible by a private gated bridge and boasts more than 77,000 square metres of space with surrounding waters too shallow for most boats. Dion and her family moved to the lavish castle-like property in 2001 after a three-year renovation project.

Having been on the market since 2012, Dion's stunning former home sold earlier this year (2016) for $25.5 million.

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Goat Cay, Bahamas

In the late noughties country singer power couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill bought Goat Cay, a 17 acre island in The Exumas in the Bahamas. They built a 15,000 square foot holiday home, complete with lookout tower and mooring facilities.

The island is now back on the market for USD $1,200,000, so who knows which famous face in need of a luxury getaway will take up residence in Goat Cay — it's the perfect spot for anyone keen on exploring The Exumas by superyacht.

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Larry Ellison

Lanai, Hawaii

The Oracle co-founder and America’s Cup winner bought 98 per cent of this 140sqm island from billionaire David Murdock for €400 million-plus. Lanai has more than 3,000 inhabitants, and Larry Ellison aims to develop the island and boost infrastructure. The island was already home to two coveted Four Seasons and after some small improvements and a seven-month complete shut down, the Four Seasons Resort Lanai reopened for business this February. The second Four Seasons, the Lodge at Kōʻele, is expected to open in time for Christmas 2016.

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Johnny Depp

Little Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas

Johnny Depp discovered Little Halls Pond Cay, Bahamas while filming Pirates of the Caribbean. He named two of its six beaches Gonzo and Brando, in honour of his mentors Hunter S Thompson and Marlon Brando. The rest are named after members of his family. Johnny Depp reportedly made the most of the stunning Bahamian island by hosting a “wedding weekend” party following his marriage to Amber Heard in February 2015.

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Mel Gibson

Mago Island, Fiji

Australian Mel Gibson moved closer to his native land in 2005 when he bought Mago Island for an estimated €12 million. His lifestyle is reportedly down-to-earth: he runs a cattle farm and has met the local government about other farming and fisheries projects. Mago Island is one of the largest private islands in the South Pacific with an area of more than 5,000 acres.

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Steven Spielberg

Madeira Archipelago

Did Jurassic Park give Hollywood director Steven Spielberg the idea to (reportedly) buy two islands in a group of volcanic outcrops? He is said to use the two islands, which are in an undisclosed location in the Madeira Archipelago, to spend quality time with his family. Neither of the islands, off the coast of Portugal, are believed to be inhabited. Steven Spielberg also owns the 86 metre Seven Seas and in 2013 took the luxury yacht on a 30,000-mile round-the-world cruise.

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Ricky Martin

Angra dos Reis region, Brazil

Livin’ La Vida Loca meant that the Puerto Rico-born singer Ricky Martin felt in need of an island hideaway. That song also ensured he could afford one. So in 2008 the Latino heartthrob reportedly spent €6.4 million on an island off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in the stylish resort region of Angra dos Reis. The name of the island has never been revealed but the area has some of the most scenic islands in the Southern Hemisphere. Plus it is also a handy location if Ricky fancies enjoying this year's Rio Olympics on a luxury yacht.

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Eddie Murphy

Rooster Cay, Bahamas

Hollywood star Eddie Murphy reportedly paid €12 million in 2007 for Rooster Cay in the Bahamas. However, there are some conflicting reports that suggest that the Bahamian government still owns the island and that it has only ever been leased to individuals.

The six hectares of unspoilt beauty is just a quick hop away from buzzing Nassau. The comic actor is no stranger to the business of buying a private island having previously owned a smaller island nearby called Pearl.

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