5 islands featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean to visit on a luxury yacht


Grand Bahama

As the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film wraps up its filming, there is no better time for one to remind themselves of the beautiful island scenery that Captain Jack Sparrow has ventured to. Whether it is on a private superyacht or on a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean these are the top five places to visit.

  1. Bahamas (Grand Bahama)

Grand Bahama is where ocean-bound scenes in the film where filmed In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead mans chest. The northernmost island of the Bahamas, Grand Bahama is famous for its vibrant atmosphere. Johnny Depp enjoyed the area so much that he bought his own island nearby after the film was released.

How to visit on a superyacht: Port Lucaya Marina is located on the northern tip of the island only 70 miles from Florida and is a popular starting point for luxury yacht charters in the North Bahamas. There are two berthing wings which, offer people a choice between a vibrant market town setting or a more peaceful atmosphere among tropical gardens.

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Puerto Rico

Old San Juan and Fajardo

Fajardo was used as the deserted Island where Captain Jack Sparrow leaves Angelica (Penelope Cruz) stranded in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Its clear, calm water is perfect for diving and the area is home to a coral reef.

Old San Juan is the oldest city in Puerto Rico, which is why it was chosen to be used to film the old Spanish city of Cádiz in the final Pirates of the Caribbean film.

How to visit on a superyacht: Puerto del Rey is one of the largest marinas in the Caribbean. It serves as a great base to visit the beautiful beaches and rainforest nearby. There are also plans for a new superyacht marina complex in Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan. 

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St Vincent and the Grenadines


Bequia is only eight miles from St Vincent and its incredible beaches and rustic nature will be easily recognisable from the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films. Parts of the historic pirate bays were restored during filming giving the island an authentic feel. Not everything on the island is pirate orientated and there is plenty to discover if you spend seven days exploring St Vincent and the Grenadines by superyacht.

How to visit on a superyacht: Admiralty Bay is located on the west side of the island and offers a wide range of restaurants and hikes through the hills all in an incredibly picturesque setting. Whether on a private yacht or a luxury yacht charter in St Vincent and the Grenadines the islands are full of hidden gems.

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Dominica was used to film the “Cannibal island” in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean films and is a popular destination for superyachts as it is one of the most unspoiled island in the Caribbean. Its untamed rainforest will offer plenty of entertainment for thrill seekers.

How to visit on a superyacht: Dominica was devastated by Tropical storm Erika in August and is calling on superyachts to help by brining necessities such as personal hygiene goods and bottled water.

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St Lucia

Marigot Bay

5. St Lucia (Marigot Bay)

The natural arch at Marigot Bay is easily recogniaable as the site in which Johnny Depp sees the hanging skeletons of captured pirates in the first film. However, when free of dead bodies it is a tranquil paradise that is a popular destination for private yachts and luxury yacht charters in St Lucia.

How to visit on a superyacht: The Capella Marigot Bay Marina can accommodate superyachts up to 80 metres. The bay is a hurricane hole and the marina also has a spa on site and a host of restaurants.

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