Yacht safari: cruising the Raja Ampat archipelago

Cruise to Wayag

Nikko Karki, founder of Indo Yachts, reveals the ultimate yacht safari taking in the Indonesian archipelago’s unspoiled beaches, jungle and coral reefs

Days 1 & 2: Cruise to Wayag

Board your yacht at the coastal city of Sorong, West Papua, and cruise 107nm overnight to arrive at forest-cloaked Wayag Island as the sun rises. Explore the area by tender and hike to enjoy views of the conical karst islands scattered across the turquoise sea. That evening, toast the sunset and stars with a private cocktail party on one of the island’s many white sand beaches.

Crystal clear

Spot black tip sharks swimming around the dock as you visit the Wayag Ranger Station to learn about the efforts to protect local wildlife. After another hike, take a dip at a nearby beach in the super clear water. Spend the night at anchor and at dawn cruise 14nm to Kawe Island.

Kawe to Kabui

Wake early and hike to an epic waterfall on the west side of Kawe, which is also a great location for bird spotting. In the afternoon, snorkel across the equator surrounded by vibrant coral and fish like sweetlips and barracuda. End the day at Kabui Bay after a three-hour sunset cruise.

Bird watching in Kabui

Kabui is ideal for watersports, particularly through the Passage, a narrow gap between two islands that looks like a winding Amazonian tributary. After a tender adventure, go on a rainforest trek, scanning the treetops for the Red Bird of Paradise’s extraordinary feathers.

Waigeo Island

After a 14nm cruise to Waigeo island, trek through Saproken village to spot the colorful Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Later, snorkel or dive Manta Sandy to watch wrasse clean the gentle giants. In the afternoon visit Arborek village, where locals make handicrafts from pandanus leaves.


Wake in Arefi, a village on the north coast of Batanta Island after traveling 32nm overnight. Hike through the jungle to reach a pristine waterfall. Adventurers can climb uphill to a second waterfall. In the afternoon enjoy a last snorkel in the Coral Triangle.

head back to Sorong

Relax during the scenic four-and-a-half-hour cruise back to Sorong and disembark after enjoying a final lunch on board. Fly out from Sorong Airport, where you can now depart by private jet thanks to recent changes in legislation.

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