7 days discovering the Seychelles on a superyacht

Discover Mahé Island and more

Today, more than ever, the Seychelles archipelago’s 115 sparkling islands offer a refreshing, new cruising horizon for yachts. While the Secychelles' location has raised concerns about piracy over the past decade the country's Minister for Tourism is now confident this is "no longer an issue" for superyachts.

Good moorings and easy sailing distances between the main islands facilitate the discovery of a wide selection of islands and secluded bays. The pristine atolls and virgin waters of the ‘Outer Islands’ also offer a last frontier of adventure together with extraordinary opportunities for snorkelling, diving, fishing and once-in-a-lifetime exploration.

Day 1 – Discover Mahé Island and more

Leaving Eden Island Marina, travel up the scenic northern coast towards Beau Vallon, the epicentre of Mahé Island’s tourism industry with its various hotels, restaurants, dive centres and other facilities. This is the place to drop anchor while you enjoy a dip or a walk along what is arguably Seychelles’ best known beach — several hotels, restaurants, cafés and a casino are all within easy reach.

For the evening, move round to Port Glaud and anchor on the east side of Ile Therese for the evening and enjoy one of the Seychelles beautiful sunsets. A few hundred metres to the north is the Marine park Port Laurney. The 5-star Ephillia Resort is also an easy tender ride away if you fancy a meal ashore, a relaxing spa treatment or just a quiet cocktail at the bar.

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Relax on Silhouette Island

Head away from Mahé’s north coast west to the dramatically mountainous island of Silhouette. Remarkably untouched by man with the smallest of local communities but home to the beautiful Hilton Labriz Resort and spa.

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Indulge in snorkelling and a sea food lunch

Cruise down the wild, west coast of Mahé, past glorious Grand Anse and the well-protected bay of Anse à la Mouche before arriving at picturesque Anse Soleil in time for one of the finest sea food lunches around. A short cruise past the Four Seasons and around the headland brings you to Baie Lazare for the evening, in time for an afternoon snorkel along the reef and yet another spectacular sunset. If further pampering is required the Kempinski resort is ashore.

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Relax on stunning beaches

This is an ideal place from where to enjoy the famous southern bays of Petit Anse, Intendance, Police Bay and Anse Marie-Louise before heading off to Praslin Island, some 26 miles distant, and home to the fabulous Vallée de Mai where the legendary Coco-de-Mer grows on ancient palms in a primordial valley.

Time to explore Praslin, Seychelles’ second largest island, home to some of the world’s most renowned beaches and a place to enjoy a more tranquil pace of island life.

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Take in giant tortoises

A gentle cruise around the south of Praslin and north along the east coast past the picturesque bay of Cote D’Or, you will arrive at the Marine park of Curieuse or a little further north to the stunning anchorage of Anse Lazio for a relaxing afternoon snorkelling in the marine park or visiting the giant tortoises on Curieuse or at Anse Lazio.

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Cycle on shore

Quieter still is neighbouring La Digue where time is said to stand still and where the bicycle and ox-cart remain the principal mode of transport. You will find many examples of fine Creole architecture lining the shaded island pathways of this magnificent island so rich in local tradition. So make the most of your superyacht's bicycles and wend your way around this stunning island.

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Take in your last sunset

Saint Anne Marine Park is the perfect location for the final night before returning to the Marina the next morning.

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