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The Safest Places to Holiday After the Coronavirus Lockdown

After the year we’ve all had, it’s safe to say we all deserve a holiday, the question is, which destinations are really safe to return to? If you’ve been following our guide on 'when we can travel?', you’re no doubt itching to get something booked. We scoured the WHO website for the countries least affected by the pandemic to help create the ultimate post-lockdown holiday guide. With over 14 million cases confirmed worldwide, we need to navigate carefully over the next few months, but with travel restrictions lifting, we can definitely squeeze in a summer vacation somewhere.

The essential pieces you need on your holiday shopping list is a fashionable face mask and some hand sanitiser. Not the most glamorous of bits but we're not saying you shouldn't splash out on some fine linen shirts for the men, summer dresses for the women and newsunglasses for all.

The Maldives

With only 3,000 reported cases, the archipelago acted quickly to put restrictions in place and close borders but from the 15th of July, the borders to the paradise islands will open to all tourists again without having to quarantine.

Where to go?

If you’re on a yacht, why not enjoy some island hopping in the Maldives? Read our post on it here, as a starter for ten.


Italy was hit hard with the coronavirus  with roughly a quarter million reported cases and 35,000 deaths. As a result Italy now faces its worst recession since WWII and tourism is, understandably, suffering. On the plus side, we’re delighted to be able to include it on this list as they’ve opened their borders and are welcoming tourists back with ample energy, with reported cases remaining in the low teens.

Where to go?

Amalfi! Enjoy the gorgeous coastline and all it has to offer, we’ve already read reports from tourists who couldn’t wait to return saying hotels and restaurants have temperature thermometers in play, are all wearing masks and taking all necessary precautions to put visitors at ease. Read our guide on the best hotels on the Amalfi Coast here.


With only 3,255 cases reported and 58 deaths, we know Thailand has been doing something right as the virus never really took hold here. However, tight restrictions have been in place since cases were reported but the country has started to open its borders up again.

Where to go?

The remote beaches and open waters make this country a great option for a safe destination for the coming months. Read our guide on where to stay and what to do here.

Turks and Caicos

From tomorrow Turks and Caicos will be opening their borders to international travellers and the islands have only had two reported deaths from the virus with reported cases being in the 50s.

Where to go?

All over! There’s so much to do on the island, just see our seven-day charter guide here.

Please note that all the above locations are subject to change depending on the COVID-19 impact.



Couach Yachts |  37 m |  12 guests |  €3,500,000


Feadship |  44.65 m |  10 guests |  €19,900,000


Heesen Yachts |  55 m |  12 guests |  €26,000,000