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Sea spa: inside the overwater spa pavilions at Four Seasons Mauritius, Anahita

3 July 2024 • Written by Holly Margerrison

Where is it?

Sitting in a private sanctuary on the east coast of Mauritius in Beau Champ, Four Seasons at Anahita is just a 45-minute drive from the island's airport. The resort's address, on Coastal Road, is the first hint of the turquoise waters, paradisial beaches and lush landscapes you'll spend your stay here trying to absorb into your brain (or capture on your iPhone). 

With their thatched roofs and wooden floors, the open-air villas and relaxed architecture lay low and understated amongst the beauty of the tropical flora. As for the spa itself, guests will find it is a sanctuary within a sanctuary – a first-class ticket to uninterrupted bliss just metres from the Indian Ocean.

What's the hype?

Characterised by contemporary Mauritian architecture, the spa features 12 treatment rooms in open-air water pavilions with wooden floors and neutral-toned furniture. A curved path takes spa guests from the reception area – with its full-service salon and spa boutique – to the stilted huts above the mangroves below. With a personal sauna, indoor and outdoor showers and a changing room in each treatment suite, you are afforded the luxury of true alone time and complete privacy.

Pictured: the spa pavilions branching off from the spa reception and boutique, surrounded by tropical vegetation.

You'll know you're among the experts when you're greeted by the treasure trove of beauty brands that line the spa's shelves including myBlend, MCCM, Theranaka and Miriam Quevedo, which can be deployed based on your particular skin complaint.

MyBlend's myLEDmask sits front and centre of the spa boutique and is just one of the technological treatments that you can enjoy here. The powerful LED mask covers the face and neck, targeting tissue regeneration by stimulating collagen production. Guests can also indulge in South African brand TheraNaka's therapeutic essential oils, which aim to "rejuvenate and restore balance to the body and mind", during therapy.  

Train your senses to the smaller details and you will find further whispers of the resort's "quiet luxury". The spa harnesses the power of nature with refreshing, scents that make you feel good - the aloe vera, lemongrass and coconut used in many treatments are cut directly from the spa garden. There are no synthetic aromas used in the spa, allowing guests to reap the rewards of herbal evergreen quality, and fresh essential oils.

What to have

While there is a long list of signature treatments, the most popular is Mauritian Fusion, which is a personalised massage involving holistic local techniques that use bamboo rollers and sugar cane sticks for up to 90 minutes. Further add-ons include after-sun soothing gels, cooling treatments for puffiness (welcome after a long-haul flight) and skin-firming collagen masks. Should you seek real indulgence, however, the luxurious gold mask can be added. 

The Mauritian Fusion is a specialised massage combining Meridian Therapy, reflexology and traditional Swedish massage. The aim? To increase energy, balance water levels, and release toxins and stress. Heavily focused on lymphatic drainage, the masseuse uses medium to deep pressure with a trademark Mauritian oil of ylang-ylang and coconut. Your senses will be stimulated but not overwhelmed: the gentle breeze from the Indian Ocean filters into the massage room from the open doors, the essential oils are sure to soothe and the sound of birdsong makes the experience all the more authentic.

There is no harsh snap back to reality once the full-body massage concludes, either. Through the glass of your pavilion, you will spot the thriving mangroves and the steady sway of the sea. Once ready, you will be guided by your beautician to the yoga pavilion, where light beverages and refreshments await, or to the lagoon-edge outdoor relaxation area – ideal for meditation, reading or simply being.

Best by boat

Located on the east coast of Mauritius in Beau Champ, the spa and resort is right on the water and can easily accommodate tenders from visiting superyachts. The resort is also 45 minutes away by car from SSR Mauritius airport – although you will need to stay overnight to sample island life.

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