US Virgin Islands yacht charter

22 January 2015
Trunk Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands. photo: Adobestock

The US Virgin Islands lie close to Puerto Rico in the Northern part of the Leeward Islands. St Thomas, St John and St Croix are the three main islands, Water Island and many minor islands complete the group.

They contain just about everything you can find in the Caribbean: duty-free St Thomas with its casinos and nightlife is busy with cruise liners, while St John is 60% National Park, making it a haven for wildlife lovers and those looking to hike or snorkel in peace.

St Croix lies 34 miles to the South, a fairly rugged island with great deep-sea fishing. All across the islands you can get a glimpse into the past, from the ruins of the sugar plantations to ancient Arawak petroglyphs, and all boast the picture-perfect white sand beaches that are everyone’s daydream of a Caribbean paradise.

The climate is very inviting, with highs of around 30-32°C (86-91°F) year-round and trade winds to stop things getting too stifling. It’s rainiest around September to November, coinciding with the end of the hurricane season.

Charter guests can enjoy some great diving and snorkelling, especially when the water is at its clearest in (Northern hemisphere) winter and spring. St Croix offers a great array of dive sites: one could experience a wall, wreck, pier and reef dive all in the same day. On land there are three golf courses including the 4-star Carambola, and you can explore the lush interior on horseback.

St John has a laid-back, romantic vibe and is famously beautiful due to the lack of development. Restrictions on anchoring preserve the coral so the diving/snorkelling is good, but this means large yachts can only anchor in deep water. However as the island is only 19square miles in size, so most beaches, with their attendant mooring buoys can be reached comfortable by tender.

St Thomas is home to the capital Charlotte Amalie, perfect for shopaholics and those in search of bright lights and excitement, the 700ft skylift takes you to the top of the town.

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