Top 16 race photos from the Loro Piana Caribbean Regatta & Rendezvous 2016

Race Day Three: Wild Horses and Blues

Despite Freya dominating Class D throughout the regatta, its rivals weren't deterred going into the final day. Here Wild Horses and 30 metre Southern Wind Blues get a little too close for comfort as they vie for the lead.

Race Day Three: Unfurled

Eschewing the intricate designs and eye-catching colours of its opposers for clean lines and a gleaming white hull, 46 metre Vitters Unfurled is unquestionably beautiful as she thunders around the final course.

Race Day Three: The fleet

As the regatta comes to a close it is views like this that the owners and crew will treasure. The opportunity to see such an incredible fleet of sailing superyachts give it everything they've got in the gorgeous surroundings of the British Virgin Islands is what keeps the best racing yachts in world coming back year after year.

Oil Nut Bay Race Day Two: The Fleet

All images courtesy Boat International Media

One of the reasons so many owners, crew and enthusiasts enjoy regattas is because of the rare experience of seeing so many beautiful yachts on the water at once. This image, with brilliant aft views of Atalante and Nilaya, is just a small taste of the incredible viewing on offer at this year's Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta & Rendezvous.

Oil Nut Bay Race Day Two: Elfje and Ganesha

It was a battle of beautiful spinnakers as Elfje and Ganesha drew up side by side during day two of racing. Whether you prefer Elfje's royal blue fairy or Ganesha's orange elephant, there's no denying they look spectacular.

Oil Nut Bay Race Day Two: Seahawk and Ohana

While it's true that regattas use handicap and classing systems to create exciting racing, another reason so many love them is that they are a great leveller when it comes to getting yachts out on the water. Here 60 metre Perini Navi Seahawk and 49 metre Fitzroy Ohana go head to head in a test of skill over size.

Oil Nut Bay Race Day Two: The Fleet

Streamlined hulls, sharp sails and expert technique - this is the quintessential image explaining why superyachts offer some of the best and most impressive sailing on the water.

Loro Piana Race Day One: The fleet

With so many yachts signed up, competitors were split into four classes with start times staggered to create a day of safe but exciting racing. Led by the 67 metre Baltic Hetairos, this momentary line-up was a sight to behold.

Loro Piana Race Day One: Ganesha

Part of the joy of owning a sailing yacht is putting your stamp on the design with a top superyacht spinnaker. Inspired by the god that gives it its name, 46 metre Vitters Ganesha leads the pack in this classic regatta photo.

Loro Piana Race Day One: Inouï and Elfje

Of course the real thrill of yacht racing is in, well, the racing. Neck and neck on a long stretch of open water, Inouï and 52 metre Royal Huisman Elfje show why the sport is just as much about skill and tactics as design and size.

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