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Everything you need to know about Ocean Talks 2024

7 March 2024 • Written by Hannah Rankine

Now in its seventh year, Ocean Talks is a face-to-face event that brings together the superyacht industry and the world of marine conservation via meaningful conversation, inspirational talks and networking. Held in partnership with Ocean Family Foundation, this year’s event features a world-renowned keynote speaker and over a dozen exhibitors who showcase the best and latest ocean-saving projects, initiatives and products.

When is it?

Ocean Talks will take place on 6 June 2024 - the week leading up to World Oceans Day.

Where is it?

Ocean Talks 2024 will be held in London at The Magazine, the Serpentine North Gallery.

How do I get a ticket?

Tickets to Ocean Talks are free but attendees must register their attendance.



Keynote speaker: David Lang

Executive director of the Experiment Foundation and co-founder of Sofar Ocean Technologies, OpenROV and Open Explorer

David Lang, an entrepreneur and author, serves as the executive director of the Experiment Foundation and hosts the Science Better podcast. Before this role, he played a key role in founding Sofar Ocean Technologies, OpenROV and Open Explorer, the latter being acquired by National Geographic. The author of "Zero to Maker", Lang's contributions have garnered attention from prestigious publications such as the New York Times, WIRED and Outside Magazine. As a Senior TED Fellow, his TED talks focusing on ocean technology and conservation have collectively amassed millions of views.

Keynote speech topic: Throughout history, amateur hobbyists have played a key role in scientific discovery. Nevertheless, many a yacht owner, builder or designer might still question if they can really make a significant difference. And where do they even start? Entrepreneur and ocean conservationist David Lang aims to inspire and inform in his talk on harnessing the collective power of the enthusiast, drawing on his own experiences of launching OpenROV from his backyard.

Keynote debate

When law becomes life: how new regulations will bring positive changes to our oceans

Fresh from global ocean summits in Lisbon, Barcelona, Greece and Ottowa, A Plastic Planet co-founder Lilly Barclay reports on the most significant legislation changes relating to ocean conservation this year. Joined by a panel of special guests, she’ll also unpack what they mean for the yachting industry and superyacht owners, and debate where further progress can be made.

Lilly Barclay, founding member of Ocean Family Foundation

Lilly Barclay is a founding member of Ocean Family Foundation, which seeks out existing or start-up conservation projects that have a positive impact on marine life and ocean health. She is also co-founder of A Plastic Planet, an organisation that works directly with industry and governments to inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap.



Northern Lights Composites (nlcomp®) is the company behind rComposite - the revolutionary new eco-friendly alternative to GRP. Currently, 95% of fibreglass boats end up abandoned, so to address this issue, nlcomp® developed rComposite - a patented material with a thermoplastic matrix to offer a recyclable alternative. With this material, nlcomp® has built the world's first recyclable production boat, ecoracer30. Available for licensing, rComposite also holds potential in the superyacht industry for components such as hatches or doors.

Michel André

From marine traffic to industry, our oceans are getting noisier than ever and putting wildlife at peril. Renowned bioacoustician Michel André’s research into sound science has led to the development of his innovative new portable "listening buoy", Ear to the Ocean (E2O), designed especially for explorer yachts and superyachts. When you lower it into the ocean, it will automatically transmit sounds and pictures of marine inhabitants in the area to the yacht.

Eva Mechler

As a master furniture maker with her own workshop in Switzerland, Eva Mechler designs and hand-crafts furniture using regional varieties of oak, ash, cherry, elm, walnut and chestnut, among others. Collaborating closely with world-class design studios, Mechler's works are featured in the owner quarters of award-winning sailing and motor yachts. Recently, she has been pioneering the use of superyacht decking off-cuts to make unique pieces of furniture that an owner can enjoy on or off the yacht.

Ocean Family Foundation

Founded by four sea-loving families who feel a responsibility to protect the world’s oceans, Ocean Family Foundation seeks out and donates to existing or start-up marine and ocean-orientated conservation projects. As well as Ocean Talks, Ocean Family Foundation supports Oceans Without Borders, Yachts for Science, Worldrise, Volvo Ocean Race, Save the Med, Trash Hero, UKSA and A Plastic Planet, among others.

A Plastic Planet

Igniting and inspiring the world to turn off the plastic tap. Its new platform, PlasticFree, is a resource for businesses and creators to find alternative solutions to plastic.

Yachts For Science

Yachts For Science at Ocean Talks 2023

Yachts for Science connects superyachts with marine scientists and researchers to provide access to the oceans.


Zena Holloway

Rootfull is a material innovation company developing a highly novel textile by guiding plant root to “weave” unique artefacts and surfaces. It’s a disruptive innovation that fuses sustainability, creativity, and natural artistry, brought together by underwater photographer and bio-designer, Zena Holloway.

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