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Ocean Talks 2022: The programme

BOAT International is proud to announce the following three-day programme for this year's Ocean Talks event, sponsored and supported by Ocean Family Foundation (OFF). This year, we will hear from the real trailblazers of the industry through a series of ocean-saving stories, including podcasts, videos, and an exclusive live auction.


The big interview with Sylvia Earle  
National Geographic explorer-in-residence since 1998, Sylvia Earle has earned herself the moniker "Her Deepness". In an exclusive interview the legendary American marine biologist talks to BOAT International about why we must act to save the oceans now and her vision for how the yachting community can be involved.

Meet five scientists searching for superyachts
From discussing the day's dives around the dinner table to training your crew to collect data, there are numerous ways that scientists can help you enhance the use of your yacht. In this exclusive video series, leading scientists reveal crucial research projects that urgently need access to the see. Find out what they need and where they're hoping to go, as well as what their work focuses on and why it really matters. Could this be the start of your next big adventure?


What next for the team behind My Octopus Teacher?
Before the Oscar-winning film hit our screens few people had heard of kelp forests but the story of one man’s relationship with an octopus changed all that.  The storytellers responsible for the film’s success reveal what they are working on now, and why their mission to save the sea’s forests has only just begun.

Our plastic planet
The global pandemic has accelerated ocean pollution, with masks, gel dispensers and PPE adding to the already overbearing amount of plastic debris. Frederikke Magnussen, Co-Founder of A Plastic Planet, and Ambassador Peter Thompson, UN Special Envoy for the Ocean, answer all your plastic queries, talk about the latest plastic solutions and look ahead to the UN Global Treaty on Plastic.


The 10 Commandments of eco-design
The Water Revolution Foundation (WRF) is on a mission to make sure the design and construction of superyachts are as ocean-friendly as possible. The organisation’s executive chairman, Robert Van Tol, shares his insights on how that can be achieved, from using recycled materials to demanding more sustainable solutions from suppliers. Don’t miss his 10 commandments of eco-design and construction, which everyone in the superyacht supply chain should heed.

NFT auction
World-leading studio Winch Design has designed a limited run of NFTs, which will be auctioned by BOAT International to aid an ocean conservation initiative. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a truly altruistic NFT that is the first of its kind from the only NFT series released by the famous studio to date. All proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will go towards Yachts for Science. Founded by BOAT International, Nekton and Ocean Family Foundation, and with supporting partners EYOS and Arksen, the programme aims to match the owners of private yachts, who are prepared to offer space on their vessel, with scientists undertaking crucial ocean research.

For more information, please contact oceantalks@boatinternationalmedia.com or follow the hashtag #OceanTalks.

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