Superyacht Design Symposium 2010 topics

1 February 2010

Day 1

1. The Maritime Labour Convention and its effect on yacht design

This new Maritime Labour Convention is a vital topic of interest to all superyacht designers and owners. Written under the auspices of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) will impose new regulations governing crew for commercial shipping and superyachts. One area of legislation concerns the size of crew areas aboard commercially registered yachts of above 500GT. MLC 2006 will come into force one year after 30 countries, whose combined fleets represent a minimum of 33% of world tonnage, have ratified it. Having attracted considerable Flag State support this is forecast to happen in December 2011. Unfortunately, there was no consultation with the superyacht industry during the drafting process, although last minute negotiations to mitigate the Convention’s effects on yacht design are currently underway. This topic will be opened by Peter Southgate of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry who will discuss how this situation came about, explain the requirements of the Convention and brief delegates on the current state of the negotiations while Bram Jongepier from Feadship-De Voogt will demonstrate the rule’s severe effect on owner and guest accommodation using existing yacht designs that have been modified to meet the new rule. The topic will conclude with Chris Dlugokecki from Lloyd’s Register North America explaining how the new regulations will be implemented, and Alan Dabbiere, former owner of M/Y Constance who is in the market for a new yacht, will assess the regulations from an owner’s perspective.

2. Commercial reality for designers

Just what does a designer have to do to protect his interests and ensure that he is paid for his work? John Leonida, a partner in the legal practice Clyde & Co specialising in Maritime Law talks informally and answers questions on the traps into which designers can fall.

3. What owners want: The needs of the modern yacht owner

Twenty years ago most yacht owners were satisfied with smallish deck areas, two saloons and six cabins, but the modern owner wants much more than this from his yacht. Deck spaces are becoming larger, more sophisticated, and designed with specific functions in mind, while balconies, gymnasiums, cinemas, and beach clubs all feature regularly on an owner’s wish list. This topic will see leading designers presenting their thoughts on the needs of the future and how these might impact on yacht design. Speakers include Stefano Pastrovich of Sudio Pastrovich who will share his view of how the profession must evolve in order to develop the new generation superyacht industry, designer Jonathan Quinn Barnett who will talk about the integration of spaces for specialist interests within a yacht, and owner of M/Y 4H, Thomas Haffa, who will give an owner’s perspective of interior living needs.

4. Amphibians and yachts: design parameters and on-board support facilities

A yacht’s ability to operate with an aircraft gives an owner added flexibility, but today’s strict regulations governing the operation of helicopters aboard commercial yachts have made the use of this resource extremely difficult. An alternative, however, might be achieved with an amphibious seaplane. This topic will discuss the capabilities of modern floatplanes and seaplanes and set out some design parameters for necessary on-board support facilities. Henk Koster, owner of M/Y Grace, will explore the usefulness of amphibians, Conrado Dornier of Dornier Seawings and owner of S/Y Tiziana will then discuss characteristics of different craft; Adam Domino of Daedalus Aviation will give a pilot’s view. Naval architect Donald Blount will give an overview of the different types of floatplanes that are possible to operate with a superyacht and will introduce the manufacturers of a range of aircraft offering varying facilities, including Kirk Hawkins of ICON Aircraft, Tom Kraft of Cessna Aircraft Company.

Day 2

5. The Green Machine

Green Designs are in vogue, but just how green are some of the solutions? Nicola Camuffo of Fincantieri examines the ‘whole life’ environmental cost of building, operating and disposing of so-called ‘green’ solutions. Stephen Hills of Devonport Yachts and James Roy of BMT Nigel Gee will explore how the choice of the right ancillary mechanical items can influence the overall footprint of a yacht. Marnix Hoekstra of naval architecture practice Vripack discusses the current limits of design, and interior designer Christina Norris of Oversee Yachts speaks about the best choice of green materials for interior use. Paolo Moretti of RINA will contribute to the discussions.

6. Successful collaboration in design and construction: the challenges and rewards of teamwork in delivering the owner’s dream

The huge effort involved in the design of ultra large yachts often requires the involvement of multiple agencies. This topic discusses the challenges and rewards of design partnerships and collaborations between design studios when designing and building such vessels. Speakers include project manager and founding partner of MCM, Peter Wilson, managing director of Alloy Yachts, Tony Hambrook, interior designer Rémi Tessier, stylist Tim Heywood and naval architect Rob Humphreys.

7. Owners’ needs for long-range cruising yachts

Two highly experienced owners whose vessels have roamed the world talk of their experiences and make some practical design suggestions for blue-water cruising yachts. Alex Dreyfoos, owner of M/Y Silver Cloud will share stories of his recent round the world trip.