The World Superyacht Awards 2018 sponsors and partners

The World Superyacht Awards 2018 sponsors and partners

Established in 2005, the World Superyacht Awards are the most coveted trophies in the superyacht industry and recognise the ingenuity and innovation demanded by the construction of the world’s finest luxury yachts.

With the support of our valuable partners, the 2018 awards return to Florence, one of the world’s most beautiful cities. This year's partners are:

Navigo Partners: Baglietto, Benetti, Cantiere Delle Marche, CRN, Custom Line, Monte Carlo Yachts, Perini Navi, Sanlorenzo, Vismara, VSY

Event Partners: Stefano Ricci, Clyde & Co

Trophy Design Partner: Lasvit

Contributing Partner: Puiforcat

Supporting Partners: Leonardo Helicopters, Greenline, Floating Life and Sabrina Monte-Carlo

1. Navigo

Navigo, including over 400 associated companies, is currently the largest network of yachting industry companies in Tuscany and one of the largest in Europe. Based in Tuscany and Sardinia, it was founded in 2007 and is one of the Italian specialist consulting companies in the yachting industry and works in research, innovation, marketing, b2b opportunities, financing and internationalisation.

Navigo represents some of the Italian excellence builders who are ready to show the superyacht industry their expertise. Boat International Media is proud to partner with Italian yards Baglietto, Benetti, Cantiere Delle Marche, CRN, Custom Line, Monte Carlo Yachts, Perini Navi, Sanlorenzo and VSY, which are all valuable supporters of this year’s awards.

Navigo Partner: Baglietto

The concept of leadership has always characterised Baglietto’s activity and growth since 1854, when Pietro Baglietto started to build small wooden boats in the backyard of his house. Since that time, the brand has been synonymous with innovation and true creative spirit, as well as technical genius, promoting engineering research and product development. The recent industrial growth plans by the Gavio Group, which acquired Baglietto in 2012, aim to prove Baglietto’s leadership once more, placing the shipyard among the major international ones. In order to reach this goal significant investments have been made, widening the shipyard infrastructures - in particular, the shipyard plants and workshops now occupy an area of 35,000 square metres - along with two new covered plants for the building of motor yachts up to 65 metres plus the addition of two piers allowing mooring of motor yachts up to 70 metres. The project - which has implied many years of restoration works – means that the shipyard can now rely on a new 3,600 sq. m basin with two 85 metre docks, resulting in a larger number of available berths. At the same time, production has resumed on a full-time basis: Baglietto currently has 50 direct employees and can count on about 200 external craftsmen and suppliers working for the shipyard.

Following the delivery of the first MV19 and of 48 metre Andiamo, both delivered in June, four hulls are currently under construction at the shipyard in La Spezia. A new 55 metre displacement motor yacht is being produced, together with a 43 metre Fast, and a second 48 metre displacement yacht, the sistership of Andiamo. Finally, the construction of a brand-new 54 metre all-aluminium hull has just started.

The effort of the shipyard is focused not only on the production of new vessels but also on the related engineering research and the development of new models, ensuring the constant improvement and consolidation of the product range and of the shipyard’s activity as a whole. Each of these new projects coherently follows the conceptual design ideas that proved to be successful in the past, identifying Baglietto’s style while also respecting all the key naval features - such as stability, soundness and reliability – that have always characterised Baglietto vessels since the very beginning of production activities.

The projects already developed in terms of both style and engineering, designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design and Baglietto’s Technical Department, also include a 44 metre displacement vessel, a 62 metre displacement motor yacht, and a 38 metre fast motor yacht, as well as a new 48 metre explorer-type and a 44 metre Open fast motor yacht.

Recently, Baglietto presented to the market its new V_LINE, which features yachts between 40 and 55 metres in length characterised by very contemporary lines and a vertical bow. The new line has been pencilled by three Italian design firms that were asked to interpret Baglietto’s style having in mind the strong identity of the brand and drawing inspiration from Baglietto's history and elegant, iconic style. Francesco Paszkowski Design signed two projects of 41 metres and 44 metres, Hot Lab designed a new 38 metre, a 41 metre, a 44 metre, and a 50 metre, and Santa Maria Magnolfi signed a 41 metre, 50 metre and 55 metre displacement and semi-displacement, steel and light aluminium alloy yachts. In particular, the 44 metre and the 50 metre crafts were developed in a hybrid version too.

Navigo Partner: Benetti

Benetti was established in 1873, making it the oldest Italian builder of motor yachts and an icon of timeless Italian styling and construction excellence. Each yacht is unique and built around the owner’s needs and desires. Benetti designs, builds and markets three product lines: “Class” composite yachts from 30 to 42 metres, “Custom” steel and aluminium yachts from 45 to 90 metres, and “Giga” for yachts over 90 metres in length. Benetti employs about 1,000 highly skilled specialists at its two production sites, Livorno and the headquarter in Viareggio. Benetti also has offices in Fort Lauderdale, Dubai, Hong Kong and London. Benetti is part of Azimut | Benetti Group, the world’s largest luxury nautical group with privately held capital. Benetti entered into the Asian market in 2010 with its primary office in Hong Kong.

Darsena Italia is the site of Benetti’s historical headquarter in Viareggio (in the Italian region of Tuscany), where four yachts can be built concurrently in a production area covering a total of 77,707 square metres and provided with warehouses, offices, services, a technical area and a heliport. Also in Viareggio is Darsena Lucca, the new area opened in 2011 that also includes warehouses and offices, where three yachts up to 50 metres in length can be built at the same time. Benetti can also use the Comparini Area (11,300 square metres) for final preparations of several Class models. Benetti builds its biggest boats in the huge operating unit in Livorno, which has production areas totalling 219,440 square metres, as well as a heliport and an area devoted exclusively to servicing and refitting work (equipped with a 300 tonnes travel-lift and a 2,400 tonnes ship-lift), and where up to 12 mega and three giga yachts can be built at the same time.

Navigo Partner: Cantiere Delle Marche

A world leader in the steel and aluminum displacement yacht market, Cantiere delle Marche was founded in 2010 by Ennio Cecchini, CEO, Vasco Buonpensiere, Director of Sales & Marketing, and Gabriele Virgili, one of the foremost entrepreneurs in the territory of Ancona and President of CdM. In just a few short years, the Ancona-based shipyard has distinguished itself in the international yachting sector, providing shipowners in the world over with 80- to 130-foot Explorer Yachts. These explorer yachts have unique features that allow them to handle even the most challenging navigation in the most extreme latitudes, with the utmost safety and reliability.

Over the last years, Cantiere delle Marche has demonstrated outstanding achievement for having delivered ten Darwin Class yachts (86’, 102’, 107’) and four Nauta Air yachts (86’, 90’, 108’, 111’) and for having signed contracts every two to three months to build yachts over 100 feet and deliveries planned until 2019/2020.

Cantiere delle Marche also benefits from its collaboration with acclaimed design professionals like Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Yachts who designed the biggest yacht in the world – Azzam. Thanks to the contribution made by Nauta Yachts and to its own vision in this very special market, Cantiere delle Marche has, for the first time, created a synthesis of the style of the superyacht, with its light and contemporary aesthetic language, and the Explorer Yacht, with its solid substance: CdM Nauta Air. Darwin Class range has been designed by Hydrotec.

The quality of CdM boats is backed by the experience of a consolidated network of well-established specialised companies, in sectors such as metal carpentry, machine rooms and interior furnishing, all of which, together with the CdM staff, have worked together for decades to build boats and yachts that are appreciated all over the world.

It is a small shipyard that builds small yachts of enormous quality and above all, capable of guaranteeing huge navigation experiences to those who, like the founders of the shipyard, love to explore huge horizons.

Navigo Partner: CRN

CRN is a shipbuilder and historical Italian brand, part of the Ferretti Group, specializing in the construction of fully-custom steel and aluminum pleasure vessels between 40 and 100 meters in length. It is one of the largest manufacturing companies in the luxury marine sector in Europe.

Over the years, CRN has established itself as an icon of Italian excellence and the creator of unique masterpieces, which represent the true essence of the shipyard’s core mission: taking the wishes of its increasingly aware and demanding clients and giving them a tangible shape, without any limits or constraints. The shipyard is considered as a synonym of innovative craftsmanship. Just like in a real atelier, where customers come to get a bespoke suit, CRN builds fully-custom yachts taking the same approach as a master tailor. Each customer has their own specific measurements and needs, and no “suit” should ever be the same as another, even if they are made by the same hands. The superyachts built by CRN reflect the vision of their owners, matching their personal taste and style while fulfilling specific desires.

Each yacht is a unique work of art, the result of the enlightened vision of the Owner, and recognizable firstly as the yacht of the Owners and then as a yacht part of the CRN fleet. The concept of ‘bespoke mega yachts’ takes on a new meaning, opening up to an Owner that dreams, designs, and imagines, as is the case in any truly creative process. CRN grants this expressive freedom, turning Owners from mere ‘possessors’ into real authors. The CRN shipyard’s design expertise blends with the Client’s talent and vision, to create a unique style, capable of reflecting the Owner’s personality to the fullest.

Innovation is an essential feature of CRN: it is, in fact, the trademark of the shipyard. CRN is focused on the future, anticipating trends and market demands, and studying in advance new concepts and designs. This is possible thanks to an extraordinary R&D team, who works day after day on new challenges and projects. The continuous search for unique design solutions is indeed one of the main features of CRN; some adventurous challenges taken up by the shipyard during the past few years have now been undertaken by the whole industry.

CRN is a member of Sybass (Superyacht Builder Association).

Navigo Partner: Custom Line

Custom Line is a unique range of yachts with all the features typical of fibreglass flying bridge planing yachts over 42 metres in length, offering plenty of solutions for personalisation. Custom Line was established in 1996 to meet the demand for a range of tailor-made yachts larger in size than the Ferretti Yachts range that then produced fly-bridge models between 12 and 25 metres. The idea was to make inroads into a more ambitious market and more importantly enable existing customers to remain loyal to the brand. This new range was presented with the double-F Ferretti logo coupled with the name Custom Line. The range soon included both planing and semi-displacement models capable of delivering the ultimate cruising experience for even the most demanding of owners. As of today the planing line is composed by the 120’ Project and the 108’. The semi-displacement line includes Navetta 42 Project, Navetta 37, Navetta 33 and Navetta 28.

The exterior lines that make Custom Line so unique are the result of the longstanding partnership between Zuccon International Project, Francesco Paszkowski Design and the Ferretti Group. Boat owners can have their vessel tailor-made to their taste and style, from the selection of precious timbers to fittings and soft décor, making each vessel truly unique. Ferretti's showroom is the place where dreams can begin to take form, with a truly unique and personalised experience offered to clients who can, in consultation with Ferretti's specialised architects and designers, create step-by-step their ultimate cruising vessel.

Navigo Partner: Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts is a pioneering project in the yachting world breaking new ground. The company is genuinely Italian in its management, designers and artisanal skills, supported by the industrial strengths of French group Beneteau, the uncontested global leader in the production of sailboats and among the world's five top players.

Founded in 2009, Monte Carlo Yachts is the fastest growing Italian brand in the luxury motor yacht segment which have developed and launched a range of five award winning models and has been recognised internationally both for the iconic style of its yachts and their performance.

The MCY collection currently includes the multi-awarded MCY 65, MCY 70, MCY 76, MCY 80, MCY 86, the brand new MCY 96 and the MCY 105.

The full MCY collection is designed by the world famous Nuvolari Lenard design studio, with which Monte Carlo Yachts has studied and introduced design features and materials extensively previously used only on megayachts.

The history of success of the Italian brand is based on solid know-how and a strong strategic vision based mainly on two main drivers: design and product innovation combined a revolutionary patented manufacturing process.

Navigo Partner: Perini Navi

Perini Navi is a world leader in the design and build of superyachts, both sailing and motor. It was a combination of technical brilliance and near-perfect aesthetics that put Perini Navi in a class of its own. Industrialist Fabio Perini, unable to find the boat that he wanted for himself – a large sailing yacht which could be handled by one person – built his own. Since inception, the company has built 62 yachts – up to 88 metres and over in length. With over 50% of the world market for sailing yachts over 40 metres, Perini Navi’s track record is impressive. In-house design has allowed Perini Navi to implement its own systems and inventions.

In May 2017, the Tabacchi family entered into an agreement with the FAPER Group in which Fenix Srl acquired 49.99% of Perini Navi. Perini Navi is headquartered in Viareggio, Italy, with a metalworking facility in Istanbul, Turkey and an office in Newport, USA.

History of Perini Navi

Perini Navi was founded in 1983 by Fabio Perini, an inventor with a passion for sailing.  At first, Perini Navi primarily was a studio for designing and engineering large luxury sailing yachts, but by 1988, the company began building its own designs.

Perini Navi's goal was to create large yachts that could be handled by a small crew, and to that end, the shipyard helped develop a computerised sail-handling system that would enable sails to be furled and unfurled with the push of a button. Following many years as a leader in the international sailing yacht industry, Perini Navi entered the luxury motor yacht sector in 2007 and since then has built three award winning motor yachts – Exuma, Galileo G and Grace E.

Perini Navi is renowned for the 88 metre sailing yacht Maltese Falcon, a majestic sailing yacht with three masts with curvilinear spars, naval architecture by Gerald Dijkstraand Partners, and an interior design by Ken Freivokh Studio.

In 2016, Perini Navi delivered the 70 metre Sybaris which debuted at the Monaco Yacht Show, winning the award for Best Interiors, and was later declared Sailing Yacht of the Year at the 2017 World Superyacht Awards hosted by Boat International in Florence.

Most recently, Perini Navi launched the 60 metre Seven, sistership to the 60 metre ketch Seahawk which was the first of the successful 60m series.

Specialisations of Perini Navi

New custom superyacht construction in aluminium and steel, refits and service work all are provided by Perini Navi, which has shipyards in Viareggio, La Spezia and Istanbul. Perini Navi also provides brokerage and charter services for its clients.

Navigo Partner: Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo has been manufacturing high quality motor yachts since 1958 and represents a “boutique” of the yachting industry, building a limited number of made‐to‐measure units per year, all of which are designed and produced according to the requests, the style and the desires of every single owner.

In 2005, Massimo Perotti acquired the Ameglia‐based company from its founder Giovanni Jannetti and opened a new Division in Viareggio for the production of new superyacht models.

Since 2005 the shipyard has been experiencing an extraordinary growth, though maintaining its talent for customize every single yacht. In more than half a century the shipyard built over 750 yachts each one different from the other. With his management, Massimo Perotti has been able to rise in only five years the turnover from €40 million (2005) to €200 million (2010) and €314 million in 2016.

Today Sanlorenzo’s production is based on four product ranges: planing GRP motoryachts from 78ft to 118ft, GRP semi‐displacement motoryachts from 92ft to 126ft, a crossover line named SX with the brand new 88ft model SX88, the and superyachts in metal from 40 to 64 metres.

Sanlorenzo maintained and developed its basic values, which are the keys to its success:

· total customisation

· stable shapes over the trends without flashy stresses

· highly skilled manpower

· care for details

· highest quality materials

· latest solutions in terms of safety, comfort and performance

In about 10 years, the shipyard was able to climb the prestigious Global Order Book: today, the world ranking of top 20 builders over 24 metre yachts lists Sanlorenzoamong the best builders in the world.

Sanlorenzo’s sales network is based on a calibrated number of Brand Representatives, real shipyard’s embassies located in the most strategic points of the international yachting.

Navigo Partner: Vismara

Vismara Marine was born in 1984 from the vision of a talented young naval architect, Alessandro Vismara. This vision grew at the end of the 1980s when Alessandro became one of the principle shareholders of the renowned Marine Services shipyard in Viareggio, the home of custom yacht construction in Europe. Here Alessandro developed the R&D team in advanced composite construction and met Davide Valesi, Maurizio Fattori and Giancarla Bombieri, who later became the main pillars of Vismara Marine as head of new yacht construction, head of refitting and head of customer care. Marine Services also joined forces with Baltic Yachts of Finland to become their agent for the Italian market, forging a working relationship that remains to the present day.

Through competing in and winning many hundreds of sailing regattas Vismara Marine developed the brand aim of a shipyard able to develop lightweight and fast sailing yachts, built using the best high-tech materials and combining innovative solutions and design. Over the years Vismara Marine has developed a number of working relationships with some of the most important and innovate shipyards and experts from all over the world including Perini Navi, Baltic Yachts, Cantiere del Pardo, Marten Yachts, Bruce Farr, Bill Tripp, Maurizio Cossutti, Guido Spadolini and most recently Mark Mills who worked with Vismara Marine in the development of the V62 ‘SuperNikka’. These relationships have given Vismara Marine the opportunity to grow and improve some of the most innovative technologies in a world usually commonly ruled by outdated traditions.

With more than 30 years of innovation in the fast cruising yacht market under their yachts' keels, Vismara Marine is a true trendsetter in the yachting world. Vismara Marine is also known as the ‘open company’ in the yachting industry as it invites leading professionals to work around the same table in order to achieve the very best results for the client.