Cantiere delle Marche Yachts

Based in the coastal town of Ancona on Italy's Adriatic Coast, Cantiere delle Marche (CdM) has established itself as a premier shipyard specialising in constructing long-range, luxury explorer yachts. With a focus on semi-custom and custom designs ranging from 26 to 47 metres in length, CdM has garnered international acclaim for its exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to creating vessels embodying the spirit of exploration.

History of Cantiere delle Marche

Founded in 2010 by a group of veteran shipbuilders, for the first eight years of its existence, CdM focused on two exceptional product lines—the traditional explorer Darwin Class yachts and the contemporary Nauta Air line (now discontinued). The remarkable success of these lines propelled CdM to be listed among BOAT International's top 20 boat builders in 2018.

In 2020, CdM introduced a rugged new line, the Flexplorer series, with the launch of the Flexplorer 130 Aurelia. The 40-metre vessel combines yacht styling and accommodation with the capability of a shadow vessel. This remarkable series offers owners the versatility to explore remote destinations while carrying a significant tender. The Flexplorer line has since expanded, with three Flexplorer 146 models currently in build.

In addition to its semi-custom offerings, CdM excels in custom projects. Notable among them is Project K42 Audace—CdM's first all-custom explorer yacht, boasting an overall length of 42.8 metres and a registered tonnage of 450 GT. This impressive vessel, developed in collaboration with Floating Life, was launched in January 2019. Another noteworthy custom project is the 42-metre explorer Crowbridge, designed by the renowned Tommaso Spadolini, featuring naval architecture and engineering by Hydro Tec. In 2022, CdM launched Acala—a 42-metre custom project by Horacio Bozzo Design, complemented by Simon Hamui’s interiors, which won at the 2023 World Superyacht Awards. Two custom yachts are currently under construction at CdM’s Ancona facility—a 45-metre by Giorgio M. Cassetta and EXP43 by Francesco Paszkowski.

Notable Cantiere delle Marche superyachts and award winners

CdM has marked several significant milestones throughout its journey. In 2011, the first yacht of the Darwin Class series was launched—Vitadimare 3—a Darwin 86, which represents the debut of the newly founded shipyard in the yachting arena.

In 2013, the Darwin Class 96 Stella di Mare (now named My 3D) made a captivating debut. This rugged explorer yacht, measuring 29.5 metres, features a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, with twin MTU 8V M72 diesel engines that provide an impressive range of 5,900 nautical miles at 10 knots.

The launch of the Nauta Air 86 Yolo(now named Yes) in June 2014 marked the beginning of the Nauta Air series. Designed by Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Design, this 27.1-metre aluminium yacht accommodates 10 guests in four staterooms and four crew members in two cabins. With a range of 3,200 nautical miles at nine knots, Yolo set the foundation for the subsequent expansion of the line, including the 27.6-metre Noga(now Como) and the benchmark 33.8-metre Hyhmä, which completed a voyage through the Northwest Passage.

CdM's first project exceeding 30 metres in length was the Darwin Class 107, delivered in July 2015, boasting an impressive 300 GT rating. Following this achievement, the shipyard unveiled the Darwin Class Narvalo, a 33.4-metre explorer yacht, in 2016, which received a special award for Quality & Value at the 2017 World Superyacht Awards.

Another notable vessel, the Nauta Air 110 Mimi la Sardine (now named Sassa La Mare), delivered in 2018, received accolades at both BOAT International's Design & Innovation Awards and the World Superyacht Awards, further solidifying CdM's reputation for excellence.

As CdM celebrated its first decade of business in 2020, the shipyard's semi-custom lines have coalesced around the Darwin Class model at 28, 31 and 34 metres, the Flexplorer at 40 and 45 metres, and the RJ series at 35 and 40 metres.

Alongside these established lines, CdM remains committed to crafting bespoke yachts that cater to its discerning clients' unique visions and desires. With the addition of new offerings and an unwavering commitment to quality, CdM continues to lead the industry, setting new standards in the construction of extraordinary explorer vessels. Embark on a remarkable journey of exploration with CdM and experience the epitome of luxury and adventure.


CDM provides design and engineering services, wood and metalworking, luxury yacht construction, new build sales, pre-owned CDM sales, and fleet service from its modern 16,000 square metre facility in Ancona.

Cantiere delle Marche   46.6 m •  2019
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Cantiere delle Marche   44.33 m •  2024
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