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Meet the finalists of the Young Designer of the Year Award 2024

14 December 2023 • Written by Hannah Rankine

In December 2023, BOAT International was delighted to announce the finalists for the Young Designer of the Year Award 2024, in partnership with Feadship. The winner has now been announced at the Superyacht Design Festival in Kitzbühel. The prestigious award showcases the ingenuity and foresight of aspiring designers and students worldwide, challenging them with a rigorous brief that assesses their technical prowess and delivery capabilities.

In the 2024 edition, participants were tasked with envisioning themselves as a junior designer working for De Voogt Naval Architects, the design element of the renowned Dutch builder, Feadship. The challenge involved conceptualising a state-of-the-art superyacht design that appeals to current and future owners. The design should be futuristic, including environmental initiatives and predictions on how owners' life on board may evolve in the future, all while remaining realistic and relatable.

Following a thorough evaluation of the submissions, the judges of the Young Designer of the Year Award then identified the top six designs that would advance to the next stage of consideration.

Davide Benaglia

Nationality: Italian
Education: Politecnico di Milano

The designer's vision: The Hype_r yacht concept embodies cutting-edge technologies, ensuring exceptional efficiency and environmental consciousness. According to the designer, the idea of the concept is to "create an object with a style consistent with the very high level of technology that characterises its nature". The "high-tech" style of Hype_r boasts an "electric" identity on the exterior, whilst internally the "warmer and cosier environment features 'tech' graphics".

Highlights: The modular beach area is adorned with open terraces and a captivating arch design. The stern boasts an open rear complemented by folding opening side terraces. The "night saloon" is a unique highlight, featuring a secret owner's door for exclusive access, a gaming area, a sunset lounge for picturesque views and a poker table.

Salvatore Canzoneri

Nationality: Italian
Education: Politecnico di Milano

The designer's vision: The designer has crafted a yacht concept aimed at providing owners with a tranquil escape from the hectic pace of everyday life on land. Named  Kossyra after the ancient Latin moniker for the island of Pantelleria, the 67-metre motor yacht draws inspiration from the island itself. Pantelleria inspired not only the aesthetic of Kossyra but also its functionality.

Highlights: The exterior design of Kossyra draws inspiration from Pantelleria's robust mistral winds, showcasing an "aggressive bow" and a distinctive "cupola" reminiscent of the traditional rooftops of local "Dammuso" structures. Internally, the yacht emanates "calm and simplicity", blending minimalism with natural curves. Kossyra introduces innovative living spaces, including double-height ceilings, an "In and Out area" for diverse leisure activities, expanded areas like the wheelhouse and engine room and a uniquely carved beach cave. Whilst eco-friendly technologies are essential in the yachting industry, Kossyra possesses the capability to harness wind energy through a system ingeniously positioned aft of the cupola.

Valeria Grassi

Nationality: Italian
Education: Politecnico di Milano

The designer's vision: Nexum represents a groundbreaking yacht design that transforms the concept of connection. The essence of this design lies in its seamless integration with the natural surroundings, facilitated by a harmonious interior-exterior connection. Additionally, Nexum incorporates innovative features such as solar panels and an onboard scientific lab, empowering owners to actively participate in ocean conservation efforts and further enhancing their connection with the environment.

Highlights: At the core of Nexum's design lies a distinctive feature - an interconnecting strip that binds the yacht to the surrounding sea elements. The yacht incorporates sustainable initiatives, including a rainwater collection system that preserves water resources, reduces expenses and promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. Nexum is adorned with a thin film solar panel known as "solar paint". Housing a scientific research lab, the yacht actively supports ocean conservation with two labs equipped for a variety of physical, chemical and biological research activities. A workshop space encourages guests to actively engage in research, fostering awareness of ocean conservation.

Pradipta R. Hakim

Nationality: Indonesian
Education: Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

The designer's vision: Blueminance combines the elements of "blue" and "luminance" to create a sense of "power, elegance and prominence". The name reflects the tranquil blue hues of the ocean. The design concept is a "fusion of elegance, simplicity and a touch of futurism.". The exterior of the yacht is defined by bold, clean lines that not only represent the yacht's streamlined shape but also create an avant-garde aesthetic. "It's a masterpiece that combines function and art, providing a platform for unrivalled relaxation and enjoyment on the open seas," says the designer.

Highlights: At the aft end of the yacht, a vast open relaxation area unfolds, featuring a spacious swimming pool as its centrepiece. During navigation, this pool seamlessly transforms into a shelter for a rescue boat, easily deployable with a conveniently stored crane nearby. What distinguishes this space are the fold-down sides, creating an even larger platform for entertainment and sunbathing. The owner's cabin on the top deck offers the "perfect retreat for the most discerning yacht owners". Its standout features include large fold-up windows, an integrated bar, plush sofas, a sauna and a unique room partition with a rotating mechanism.

Andrés Otano

Nationality: Spanish
Education: Facultad de Barcelona

The designer's vision: "'Saudade' is a Portuguese word that describes the feeling of melancholy and nostalgia towards past experiences, journeys and places that once brought excitement and pleasure," says the designer. The yacht's concept is designed to meet the inherent longing for a genuine connection with nature.

Highlights: The design is a thoughtful homage to nature, drawing inspiration from large marine fauna for the exterior shapes and integrating bio-sustainable materials, greenery and open spaces within the interior to establish a profound connection between the owner and the natural world. Solar panels provide the yacht with renewable energy and a glassed mast illuminates various interior spaces through a system of mirrors. UV-filtered windows contribute to a stable and comfortable temperature with minimal energy consumption. The garden areas, constructed with a blend of mycelium and fungi, are 3D printed to take on organic shapes. Moreover, the yacht's air conditioning system ingeniously uses different soils and plants on board to filter the air.

Louis Possover

Nationality: German
Politecnico di Milano

The designer's vision: "Project Enterprise arose from the deep fascination of the golden age of space exploration and science fiction media," explains the designer. Boasting a distinctive silhouette and aerodynamic surfaces, the design seeks to evoke a sense of curiosity for the owner. The carefully chosen exterior styling perpetuates the essence of a durable, versatile expedition yacht, enticing the owner to embark on thrilling global adventures.

Highlights: Anticipating the evolving landscape of media consumption through augmented and virtual reality, the yacht's interiors are intentionally open, allowing for seamless integration of virtual augmentations. A standout in this experience-oriented design is the "Star-Lounge", where guests can engage with the night sky either conventionally through the oculus or immerse themselves in an interactive AR-3D projection of celestial bodies. Environmental considerations on board Enterprise encompass methane-powered generators, short-range fully electric propulsion for hospitality services and the incorporation of an AI system for optimising lighting and HVAC, aimed at minimising ongoing energy consumption.

For more information on the Young Designer of the Year Award, contact the events team.

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