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For a superyacht with vision and flair choose Visionnaire

5 April 2018

Visionnaire has been offering an alternative vision of international luxury since it was launched in 2005. Its indoor furniture is both unique in design and considered in quality and materials. But then, innovation runs in the family.

In 1959 Pompeo and Vittorio Cavalli patented a new fabric and started a business called IPE. They soon had the inspired idea to make comfortable, luxury car seats with it, replacing the more basic horsehair, feather and spring contraptions that were on the market at that time. After branching out into sofas and homewares, the company discovered a new niche for discerning customers keen for designer interiors, and the rest is history.

The Kathryn outdoor chair by Giuseppe Viganò

Visionnaire’s latest collection, Breathe, follows on from last year’s popular Greenery collection by having an appreciation of nature at its heart. Inspired by the idea of meditative spaces, “oxygenated” by the surroundings, its use of natural materials, including wood, stone, marble, raffia and bamboo, is prevalent. The colour palette of the collection also draws on earthy tones, from forest greens to rich browns and reds the shade of natural clay. Another influence in this year’s collection is the Far East, apparent in the use of bamboo, a symbol of rebirth and energy fitting for the theme of the collection, and in the style of many of the pieces.

New designers, including Roberto Lazzeroni, Marco Piva and Armando Bruno, have joined past Visionnaire collaborators Steve Leung, Alessandro La Spada, Mauro Lipparini and Giuseppe Viganò to create pieces for the Breathe collection. Stand-out items include the beautiful Jason dining table, designed by Lazzeroni and featuring a table top of three types of marble arranged in a geometric pattern; the Kathryn outdoor chair by Viganò, with a unique curved wood structure, metallic and wood back-rest and low seat cushion; and the One to One Plus mirror collection, designed by Armando Bruno, consisting of a series of five mirrors with marble inserts and a steel profile. Each circle is sectioned by the meeting of new materials to create a different geometry in a unique and contemporary effect.

The Kalgan and Kael lights by Marco Piva for the Breathe collection

In the collection, there is also the stiking suspended Kalgan pendant lights with a glass body and metallic finish, and the marble, steel and glass Marty table, both designed by Marco Piva.

The use of natural materials and forms across the furniture and accessories is an important element of the design, says Cavalli. “With the increasing amount of time people spend living virtual lives, many want their homes to be an oasis of calm. An easy way to achieve this is through natural motifs and materials, which instantly remind us of the peace of the outdoors.”


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