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The 8 Best Hand Creams For Dry Hands

23 March 2020 • Written by Kelly Sullivan

As we try to navigate our way through the prevailing Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we're all, no doubt, drying out our hands with all the hand washing and sanitising we're doing. To stop hands becoming too chapped and cracking we've rounded up the best hand creams to maintain them, as it's imperative we keep washing our hands during the outbreak.

Why do we need hand cream?

"Repetitive hand washing can damage the integrity of the skin, causing hands to become dry, sore and irritated." says Dr Susan Mayou, Consultant Dermatologist at the Cadogan Clinic.

"If you have damaged the skin it becomes less effective as a barrier against infection so moisturising is essential"


Decléor White Magnolia Hand Cream

Small and compact, easy for keeping your hands in good condition on the move. We love the delicate floral notes and silky texture of this cream, it markets itself as an anti-ageing cream, so you can guarantee it's packed-full of hydrating, nourishing ingredients that will sooth chapped hands.

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Perricone MD

Perricone MD Cold Plasma Plus+ Therapy

Another one designed to fight the signs of ageing, this hand therapy from Perricone MD is fast-absorbing and ultra-nourishing. The most compact of all the tubes we tested, this one can live safely in your pocket if you're still out and about - but vigilantly washing those hands of course.

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Heath Hand Salve

A tube to keep on you at all times, we're a big fan of the look and feel of this Heath salve. Thankfully it delivers too, it's thick and nourishing though fast-absorbing with a light scent of fresh mint, it doesn't have the greasy texture you'd expect of a salve. Great for cracked cuticles and dry skin around the knuckles.

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Jo Loves

Jo Loves Eucalyptus & Cedar Woods

One to keep by the sink to use every time you wash, not only because it looks great but because it's a delight to use. Lightly perfumed with a clean, refreshing scent of cedarwood which also has a slight note of sweet almond to it. It's a luxurious cream but light and easily worked into the skin, a great option for regular hand maintenance.

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ESPA Rejuvenating Hand Cream

If you want a hand cream that feels really indulgent then this is a great option. With a luxurious texture it feels nourishing and as with all of ESPA's products, if has that lovely spa-like fragrance to it.

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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream

This hand cream is a classic I'm sure we've all tried when our hands have got particularly bad. Like pure grease, a little goes a long way and it's fast-working to help pump moisture back into parched hands. Focus this one on particularly painful areas such as cracked knuckles and cuticles.

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Buly 1803 Pommard Balm

Even the name gives you a sense of how heavy duty this hand cream is. Great for over-washed hands in need of some TLC, Buly 1803 will quickly nurse your hands back to good health.

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