The Best Wetsuits for Diving, Surfing and Water Skiing


The Best Wetsuits for Diving, Surfing and Water Skiing

Whether you're planning a diving holiday in the Mediterranean or having a go at water skiing, you'll need the right kit to keep you covered and the key piece is your wetsuit. A good host or charter yacht owner should always keep a range of sizes and weights on board, but if you're planning to be in the water a lot, it's always good to have one that's right for you. Here's our pick of the best wetsuits for 2020 whether you're diving, surfing or waiter skiing...

Why do we wear wetsuits?

Divers, surfers and water sports participants will wear wetsuits to insulate and protect. Typically made of thick neoprene and lycra materials, wetsuits act as an insulator and a protective layer from anything underwater that may scratch or sting - within reason. You'll find they come in different weights and lengths to accommodate various in-water activities, so if you're planning some more outlandish water sports, you'll want something thicker.

Discover the wetsuits worth making a splash about from our top picks below.

Speedo Proton Fastskin 

Even in the warmer climes of the Caribbean and Mediterranean a wetsuit is still essential to protect against cooler currents and jellyfish stings. Speedo's Proton Fastskin wetsuit at just 1.5mm is ideal for warmer waters and those who are looking for more speed and less friction. With Yamamoto 38 cell neoprene rubber, the suit offers plenty of buoyancy without restricting flexibility.


Zone3 Aspire Wetsuit

If you're planning a triathlon then consider Zone3. Promising 30% more buoyancy than neoprene with its Aerodome Buoyancy panels, the full-body suit is lightweight and flexible and ideal for swimmers. Featuring 1.5mm in thickness on the top half, with 5mm on the legs and torso the Aspire wetsuit is designed to improve speed through each stroke, whilst providing more buoyancy on the bottom half.


Billabong Furnace Ultra

Even in the warmest climates, scuba diving will mean braving some pretty chilly waters. Billabong's Furnace Ultra is the brand's warmest and lightest suit ever. Combining smart technology from the use of Airlite materials, a combination of jersey and smart foam that promises the highest thermal retention, as well as Furnace Graphene internal lining throughout.

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The accessories

As mentioned previously, buying a hood, gloves and booties to wear with your wetsuit is a great idea for all users. Whether it's extra warmth for deep waters and winter use or to protect both skin and coral against damage from collisions, they are a precaution well worth taking. Choose super-stretch neoprene for hoods and gloves to make them easier to get on and off – a 5mm thickness is ideal for winter while a lighter 3mm neoprene can be used during the summer months. Gloves, hoods and boot ankles should be as tight as possible to avoid water getting in and it is handy for boots and gloves to have grips – Osprey does a great range in all three.

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