Carbonartz launch bespoke carbon fibre briefcase
2015-03-20By Zoe Dickens

Carbonartz, the British-based brand specialising in cutting edge carbon fibre sundeck furniture for superyachts, has launched a new bespoke carbon fibre briefcase.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the briefcase is crafted from four layers of pre-pregnated carbon fibre - an increasingly popular material choice for both the interior and exterior of high-tech superyachts thanks to its lightweight properties and practically unbeatable strength. Complete with titanium, silver- or gold-plated fittings, the case is finished with five custom colour coats of Awlgrip superyacht paint, the topcoat of choice for Chopi Chopi - winner of the prestigious Judges Commendation award at 2014's World Superyacht Awards - and intensively polished to achieve a glass-effect look. For those looking for serious luxury, there is, of course, a 24 carat gold option.

The Carbonartz carbon fibre briefcase exterior

However, it’s what’s on the inside that counts and, in this case, that means a bespoke Nappa leather folding ‘desk’ fitted by a highly regarded classic and vintage car restorer. Personalisation comes via a unique case number and a dizzying array of material options, including eel, ostrich and python leather in a rainbow of shades from classic black to dapper purple.

Of course, James Bond looks should also come with top secret security and Carbonartz’ exclusive ‘keyless’ lock provides just that. Created from non-corrosive 316 marine-grade stainless steel, the unique lock is flush when in the closed position offering complete peace of mind.

The luxurious leather 'desk' of the briefcase

At £11,500 for the basic model, this level of technology does come with a cost but, with the case being nearly indestructible, this is a lifelong investment. Plus, in terms of the sheer style of having a briefcase that exactly matches your car and superyacht, surely it’s worth it?

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