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EMPpad: high-tech device lets sailors recover faster
2015-06-10By Zoe Dickens

There’s no denying that, at the highest level, regattas and racing are long affairs, which require sailors to deal with both mental and physical strain for hours on end and often for many days at a time. Of course, few complain because they love their sport but, equally, few would disagree that it can be hard to switch off sometimes.

The EMPad device in action

Well now help may be at hand. The EMPpad Omnium1 iMRS, a high-tech new device developed specifically for sailors, promises faster recovery, reduced stress and better sleep simply by laying down. The device, which consists of a mat and two smaller pads connected to a custom-built Android device, works using Nasa-developed Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field (PEMF) technology. PEMF works by applying a magnetic field to the body, which in turn sends a weak electric signal to cells thereby stimulating ions and increasing the flow of nutrients to the cells.

The magnetic field produced by the EMPpad aims to mimic the intensity and frequency of the Earth’s natural magnetic field – thought to be the safest and most effective for jump starting the body’s recovery system. Research has shown that when used for just eight minutes twice a day, the EMPpad has resulted in significant improvement in training and injury recovery, quality of sleep, lowered stress levels and better general performance and fitness. PEMF therapy is also thought to stimulate the production of endorphins, which can provide natural pain relief and reduce inflammation for both new and chronic injuries.

The complete EMPpad system

“Never before has there been such scope for sailors to get to grips with their health,” said Samuel Maddock, registered osteopath and EMPpad founder. “There are many personalised health products on the market that will monitor your health, but the EMPpad Omnium1 also provides a solution, being able to treat the cells in your body and improve sailor’s health and well-being.”

The complete EMPpad Omnium1 system begins at £1,934, visit emppad.com



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