Hour favourites: Owners reveal the watches they wear on board

Bill Joy: Apple Watch

“Apple Watch with cellular," says Bill Joy, owner of 58 metre Royal Huisman sailing yacht Ethereal. "I turn off all notifications, including for texts, and leave my iPhone behind, but am still reachable by phone calls for emergencies.”

Sabina Nasser: Rolex Oyster Perpetual

A two-tone Rolex Oyster Perpetual is the pick of Sabina Nasser, owner of 42.7 metre Bina. "I ‘borrowed’ it from my mother a few years ago – it’s clear I won’t be giving it back to her but it still feels like I’m wearing something of hers, even though we live oceans apart. It makes us feel closer.”

Milton Sender: Skagen

“The one I wear 99 per cent of the time is a Skagen that cost me $79," says Milton Sender, owner of 26.4 metre catamaran WindQuest. "It’s light and it keeps the date and time. I had it cleaned recently, which cost more than the watch.”

Reinout Oerlemans: Breitling Superocean

“My go-to watch on board is my Breitling Superocean Chronograph in blue,” says Reinout Oerlemans, owner of 31.1 metre Good Times.

Buddy Darby: Panerai Luminor

“I’m very hard on a watch," admits Buddy Darby, owner of a 47 metre sailing yacht. "The one that stands up to the abuse best is a Panerai Regatta.”

Paul Goldstein: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

“I wear a watch at night only. I have an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore because it’s chunky and understated," says Paul Goldstein, owner of La Cima III. "I also have a Parmigiani Pershing 115 watch that comes out of the safe from time to time.”

Sebastian Vibe-Petersen: Tag Heuer Carrera

“At the moment I’m switching between a TAG Heuer Carrera and an Apple Watch,” explains Sebastian Vibe-Petersen, owner of 52 metre Q and 53.8 metre Parsifal III.

Murat Vargi: Hublot

“My Hublot watch is waterproof and ideal for cruises and other activities on the water," recommends Murat Vargi, owner of 42 metre E&E. "I’ve been wearing it for years.”

Bobby Genovese: Rolex Yacht Master II

“I rarely part with my Rolex Yacht-Master II; it is a true classic for all occasions,” says Bobby Genovese, owner of BG.

Ted Andrew: Patek Philippe 1920 Hunter

“I carry a pocket watch and have a drawer full. My favourite is a Patek Philippe 1920 Hunter,” advises Ted Andrew, owner of Nautor's Swan sailing yacht Song of the Sea.

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