How to turn your superyacht view into fine art

15 February 2016By Zoe Dickens

Whether you’re spending a romantic weekend in the Bahamas or discovering Thailand on a luxury yacht, for many owners one of the greatest pleasures of a superyacht is the ever-changing and always breath-taking view.

Now Turner-prize winning artist Gillian Wearing is offering superyacht owners the chance to immortalise their favourite superyacht view with her new fine artwork A View of the World From Your Window.

Which view would you submit for Wearing's work?

This global film collaboration will see Wearing reach out to people of all backgrounds across the world and ask them to share their view as they open the curtain or blind of their window. This unique project is aimed at celebrating the diversity of human experience and Wearing has already collected 300 views from over 60 countries including Syria and North Korea.

Of course, who better to take part in such an international enterprise than a superyacht owner who has been fortunate enough to experience a great deal of the world? Whether your favourite view is from the window of your sailing yacht as you race in the Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta, peeping out across the Antarctic as you tackle ice on your explorer yacht or enjoying the Monaco Grand Prix while moored in the Mediterranean, these amazing views all deserve to be a part of Wearing’s work.

Wearing has already collected views from over 60 countries

"It's been so amazing seeing the different views people have, from a brick wall to a seascape,” said Wearing. “When you read the location before you see the individual view the expectation is always different and that is one of the incredible aspects about the contributions. I would love to see a view from wherever you are!"

Taking part couldn’t be simpler. Simply record 20-30 seconds of horizontal footage on a static camera and upload it at Everyone who takes part will be sent a short trailer featuring their view with the final full length film to be shown in April.