Matt & Nat launches Hope bag for ocean and environment charities

8 July 2015By Zoe Dickens

Canadian vegan accessories brand Matt & Nat will be celebrating its principles of ethical and sustainable living this summer by offering 100 per cent of the profits from its new Hope bag to your choice of charity. Launched on Tuesday July 7, all proceeds from the £50 price tag of the black shoulder bag will go directly to one of five carefully selected charities, including The Ocean Cleanup.

The Matt & Nat Hope charity bag

Founded by 20-year-old Dutch inventor and environmentalist Boyan Slat, The Netherlands-based charity uses technological innovation to help solve the oceans’ plastic pollution problem. By placing a series of floating barriers in the ocean to catch debris, the foundation has provided an efficient and cost effective way to harness the power of currents to help the sea clean itself.

It is hoped that using this method up to half of the plastic floating in the North Pacific Garbage Patch can be removed in the next 10 years. In addition to this, Ocean Cleanup also helps to fund and aid projects aimed at educating and raising awareness to prevent the scale of this problem from escalating in the future. You can discover more about the charity in the film below.

Other charities taking part in the project include children’s foundations Magic Bus and GirlsAction Foundation and animal welfare charities Fauna Foundation and The Sunrise Sanctuary. Each one of these was chosen by Matt & Nat as institutions which embody the inclusiveness, sense of change and love of the world around them that typifies this philanthropic and eco-friendly company.

The Hope charity bag is on sale now priced at £50, visit