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Video: Bob Burnquist skateboards on the sea
2015-06-23By Zoe Dickens

Thanks to recent bigger decks increasingly innovative designers there are now a huge variety of sports you can do on superyachts. However, there are some that are always going to be a little more tricky and, while no-one has yet worked out how to play polo with real horses, pro-skater Bob Burnquist has come up with a brilliant solution for skateboard enthusiasts.

Bob Burnquist performs on his floating ramp

Created in collaboration with non-profit organisation Visit California, Burnquist was asked to ‘think big’ and, having skated on almost every other surface imaginable, he decided it was time to try and skate on water. The resulting spectacular floating ramp was built in just four days by designers Jerry Blohm and Jeff King. It features one half pipe, one quarter pipe and one 45-degree ramp and is attached to weighted riggers which stop it oscillating too much in the water, guaranteeing a smooth ride.

The ramp is crafted from planks of stained wood to create a beautiful finish that is almost as impressive as the technology beneath. To test out their creation the design team took the ramp to Lake Tahoe, which straddles the border between the US and Canada, resulting in some amazing footage which proves the design was a huge success.

“Dreaming big, that’s what I do every day,” said Burnquist. “Dream as big as I can and then make it happen. I love wild ideas. To have an opportunity to come out to a lake and skate, the freedom of that is great.”

Blohm and King are now taking orders for their bespoke floating ramps - definitely one of the best water toys for superyacht owners whose children love BMX and skateboarding. However, if you decide to order one as large as Burnquist’s be warned - it can only be towed at a max speed of 4 knots!



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