Video: The stunts that will make every tandem surfer jealous
2015-06-22By Zoe Dickens

If you thought the epitome of great surfing was donning one of the best wetsuits, grabbing your one-of-a-kind eco surfboard and catching some serious waves with flawless technique then think again. The couple in this new viral video have taken things to a whole new level.

The unknown couple perform amazing stunts on a moving surfboard

Posted online by personal trainer and fitness enthusiast Frank Medrano, the video shows an anonymous couple performing a series of incredible acrobatic stunts on a moving surfboard. The pair begin by paddling to build speed and momentum and easily catch a wave. Once stable, they stand and the man lifts the women over his head as she demonstrates her flexibility by manoeuvring into an upside-down split position.

Captured on a camera attached to the front of the surfboard, the pair continue to perform a series of gymnastic stunts for over a minute, all the while maintaining their balance on the board. It is thought the footage was taken somewhere in North America, with many viewers urging the unknown couple to identify themselves while others argue the feat is impressive enough to become the next Olympic sport.

While new to many, these stunts are in fact simply a more extreme version of tandem surfing. This sport that has been popular for decades in the surfing community with a number of exhibitions and competitions held worldwide every year. However, while tandem surfing competitors typically only hold one or two poses per wave, the number of tricks, stability and strength shown by the couple in this video makes them stand out from the crowd.