Driftwood: eco surfboards with superyacht roots

2015-06-18By Zoe Dickens

Relying, as it does, on wave and man-power alone, surfing is already one of the most environmentally sound watersports around. If you’re looking to go the extra mile when kitting out the toy box on your eco-friendly yacht, however, you may want to call on Cornish surfing specialists Driftwood for a rather special surfboard.

The Chambered CNC board with silk print by Rebecca Jane Taylor. Photography by Jason Grace.

Founded in 2009 by artist David Forsyth, who also happens to be a consultant and manufacturer for Pendennis (most recently working on the gorgeously refitted Malahne), each custom-made surfboard is built entirely from sustainable or reclaimed wood. As the name suggests, materials include driftwood, Cornish cedar and wood from church pews, pub panelling and old floorboards.

A beautiful alternative to mass-produced foam-core surfboards, every last scrap of wood is used, whether that means using shorter strips to create a herringbone pattern on the board, using offcuts to make wax combs or hand planes or even using wood shavings instead of polystyrene for packaging. Plus, instead of using traditional glues, Driftwood uses a plant-based epoxy resin called Entropy, which is proven to have all the strength and elasticity of synthetic resins but without the harmful environmental impact.

The wooden surfboards promise a smoother and more sensitive ride

Each hollow wooden board is built to order and can be completely customised with nose and tail blocks, glass-on fins that exactly match the board and even stunning fabric inlays to add a little personality to your deck. And, while it may feel a little heavier out of the water, once you hit the ocean the wooden boards promise greater momentum, better water sensitivity and an all-together smoother and more natural ride.

Driftwood offers 11 different board shapes, including the more traditional CNC Chambered and the long, narrow Driftwood Log, designed as a tribute to Dutch graphic artist MC Escher and decorated with 2,000 reptiles boasting 24ct gold leaf eyes. But if you’re new to the sport or simply can’t decide between two unique boards, just pick up the phone - these incredibly friendly experts are more than happy to help.

Prices range from £1,300 - £15,000, visit driftwoodsurfboards.co.uk