Video: This electric surfboard is making waves redundant

24 August 2015 • Written by Zoe Dickens

Love surfing but live far away from the epic waves of Hawaii or Australia? Well thanks to a new wave of electric surfboards it’s no longer necessary to seek huge waves to achieve thrilling speeds.

Although not a new phenomenon – the first electric-powered board was released over a decade ago – advancements in technology mean surfers can now get the same excitement from a wave-less surf as the real deal.

Powered by an integrated jet propulsion system, the boards produce no noise or emissions and can reach speeds of around 32mph. As the video above shows, they are a great option for inland surfing on rivers and lakes and, thanks to the use of a wireless remote control, can be used in the same way as a traditional surfboard with no need for extra wires or ropes.

The board uses a rechargeable battery pack that can be replaced while charging and, as the speed of the board can be manually controlled, they are suitable for everyone from beginners looking for a steady pace to pros in need of speed to perform tricks and stunts.

Spanish brand Onean is currently leading the market in these high-tech boards and offers three styles– the Carver, the Manta and the Blade. The Carver has a traditional surfboard shape designed for high-speed slaloming, the Manta is a wider, more stable design built for beginners and the Blade sports curved edges for optimum control during freestyle rides.

With no reliance on wind or waves, the electric surfboard will undoubtedly soon join flyboarding and jet skis as one of the best superyacht water toys. Whether or not purist surfboarders will ever concede they offer the same thrills as, say, conquering the huge waves of Pedra Blanca remains to be seen but there’s no denying they look incredibly fun.

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