Video: Watch the world’s fastest amphibious car in action
2015-10-26By Zoe Dickens

Why choose between a supercar and one of the fastest superyacht tenders when you can have both? WaterCar’s newest model, the Panther, has recently been crowned the fastest amphibious car on the market and offers the best of both worlds in one incredibly fun looking package.

Taking a classic 4x4 vehicle as its starting point, the Panther’s exterior resembles a Jeep CJ-8 and features a 3.7 litre V6 engine that boasts over 300 horsepower. On the marine side, the Panther utilises a jet boat drive, retracting wheels and fibreglass hull to make it suitable for high-speed cruising on open water.

This combination means the Panther can reach speeds of over 80mph on dry land and around 45mph (39 knots) on water making it one of the most thrilling multi-terrain vehicles around. In addition, transitioning from land to water can be done at 15mph so speed demons needn’t worry about losing momentum too much.

The Panther: the fastest amphibious vehicle in the world

Aesthetically, the Panther is available in a range of classic shades and bright primary colours. Measuring in at 4.57 metres, the Panther is slightly roomier than its land-based Jeep cousin with space for up to four passengers and comes in an open-top format with an optional canvas roof for bad weather.

Weighing in at around 1.4 tonnes the Panther is heavier than the yacht-friendly BAC Mono supercar but, with its versatile uses, would be perfect for the garage of your superyacht support vehicle or on one of the top expedition yachts.



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