Top 5 images from the J Sheekey Fishlove Theatre campaign

Dougray Scott

All images © Fishlove/Jillian Edelstein

London seafood restaurant J Sheekey and marine charity Fishlove have unveiled a series of celebrity portraits by Jillian Edelstein as part of a campaign for greater marine protection in the UK. The portraits feature prominent theatre actors, including Dougray Scott (pictured), Emma Thompson and Mark Rylance, in the nude and holding fish to draw attention to the impact of overfishing in British seas — an issue which is widely regarded as one of the biggest threats to the world's oceans.

Pictured: Dougray Scott with a pomfret

Jodhi May

Fishlove has produced similar portrait series annually since 2009 and in that time has worked with iconic photographer Rankin and stars including Helena Bonham Carter and Gillian Anderson. Founded by actress Greta Scacchi and Moshimo restaurant co-owner Nicholas Röhl, as well as supporting sustainable fishing Fishlove also promotes other charities including Boat International's Ocean Awards partner the Blue Marine Foundation.

Pictured: Jodhi May with a swordfish

Ade Edmondson

This is the first year J Sheekey has become involved with the campaign and in support owner Caprice Holdings has pledged not to sell any species that is red listed on the Marine Conservation Society's Good Fish Guide. It is also a keen supporter of the Ethical Shellfish Company which harvests king scallops by hand instead of using destructive trawling methods.

“It made sense for J Sheekey Oyster Bar to get behind this campaign, especially since the photographs feature wonderful actors who work in the theatres on our doorstep,” says Tim Hughes, Chef Director for Caprice Holdings. “We are passionate about marine conservation, and making sure that the suppliers and fishermen we work with are as committed to fish sustainability as we are.”

Pictured: Ade Edmondson with a Carabineros prawn

Emma Thompson & Greg Wise

“You do feel a little guilty holding a huge dead fish while you are very much alive," commented actress Emma Thompson and her husband Greg Wise of their participation, "but by doing this Fishlove portrait with a deep-sea black scabbard fish we want to make clear the message: if we don’t end the overfishing and pollution of the ocean, all these beautiful creatures are threatened. In particular, deep-sea fishing is unsustainable, unnecessary and should stop.​”

Pictured: Emma Thompson and Greg Wise with a black scabbard

Tom Bateman

The J Sheekey Fishlove Theatre series will be available to view at the J Sheekey Oyster Bar from March 24, 2016 alongside a selection of portraits from previous years. Customers ordering the daily Fishlove special will also receive a complimentary set of limited edition Fishlove postcards; to make a reservation visit

To make a donation or buy prints, posters and postcards of the portraits visit

Pictured: Tom Bateman with a red mullet

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