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Burgess announces new marine conservation initiative

25 February 2021 • Written by Malcolm MacLean

Brokerage company Burgess has announced the launch of the Marine Conservation Programme in association with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE).

The programme will offer clients the opportunity to counteract the environmental impact of their yachting activities by donating a Marine Conservation Fee. The programme is opt-in for all clients, but the hope is that in months and years to come, it will become standard practice for many clients.

Jonathan Beckett - Burgess CEO

Speaking about the new initiative Burgess chief executive Jonathan Beckett said, “I am excited to be able to offer this initiative to our clients. The team has been working hard to ensure we have a policy that is workable, transparent and supports an organisation that has done great work in their field. I am very hopeful for a high take-up from our charter clients initially, followed by the other departments as we roll this out.”

BLUE chief executive Clare Brook added: “BLUE is delighted that Burgess is encouraging their clients to take account of their environmental impact through this exciting initiative. Burgess’s donations will support BLUE’s projects in the Maldives and the Mediterranean, working to safeguard marine life from overexploitation. We look forward to what this partnership might bring.”

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