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Gym Marine Launches Sustainability Project Green Wings Challenge

30 September 2020 • Written by Olivia Michel

Yacht and home interiors designer Gym Marine has announced the launch of a new sustainability project, known as the #GreenWingsChallenge. 

A collaborative effort between Gym Marine and Yacht Carbon Offset, the challenge aims to offset green house gas emissions from flights undertaken by superyacht industry professionals.

The #GreenWingsChallenge was created by Gym Marine director Edward Thomas.

Gym Marine specialises in outfitting homes and superyachts with luxury fitness and wellness equipment, with 156 metre Dilbar, 74.5 Elandess and 123 metre Al Lusail making up just some of the impressive superyacht projects in the company’s portfolio. The environmentally conscious #GreenWingsChallenge was created by Gym Marine director Edward Thomas, who had time to reflect on his frequent use of air travel for business while flights were grounded during lockdown.

To start the initiative, Edward tallied up his flights from 2019 for client meetings, yacht shows and industry events – which amounted to as much as 10 tonnes of greenhouses gases from 38 flights. Edward offset his emissions for a price of just £95, which would be used by Yacht Carbon Offset to fund green energy projects in yachting hubs around the world. In order to continue supporting emission reduction, Edward decided to launch the Gym Marine #GreenWingsChallenge and invite colleagues from the travel industry and superyacht world to follow suit.

Gym Marine superyacht projects include 123 metre Al Lusail.

In an official statement, Gym Marine commented: “Now more than ever it is vital that businesses leaders understand the impact of their activities on the environment and take action […] Our goal is to offset 7,688,000km – enough to fly to the moon and back 10 times”.

The first six trustees to participate, including BOAT international account director Harry Warburton, have collectively offset a total of 953,889 km –more than enough mileage to fly to the moon. However, this is just a start, and Gym Marine is urging others to contribute in order to meet the company’s final goal.

In order to get involved, industry professionals are asked to send a report of the flights they took last year to Gym Marine. This information will then be used to help Yacht Carbon Offset produce an emissions offsetting quote, amounting to approximately €2 per thousand passenger kilometres.

The process is simple, but will make a huge difference in protecting our environment. 

For more information about how to take part in the the Green Wings Challenge, head to gymmarine.com or click the button below.


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