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Custom Line CL106 Marican Forever

My life in boats: how a yachting convert became consumed by collecting yachts

8 May 2024 • Written by Grace Trofa

When one yacht won’t do, how about three? This yachting convert tells Grace Trofa it’s become a consuming passion.

My love for boats started just four years ago when a dear friend invited me for dinner on board his Canados 86 with six others. It was the first time I had felt so relaxed, surrounded by sincere friends while we all appreciated the nature, the sea, the panorama and the beautiful island of Capri.

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My first boat was a 2006 Maiora 90; I called her My Life, and slowly I started sharing her with guests. We have an international business and, come July, we host many clients. The natural beauty of the islands in the Bay of Naples and the Sorrento coastline enchanted our guests, and there were so many requests for My Life that it was never available for me. 

So I bought a new boat just for me, with maybe a little chartering, but I made it clear July and August are reserved for me. It is a Ferretti 860, which I named Vittoria after my daughter. It’s a beautiful boat, so there is great interest in her.

Michele Canciello is a collector, especially of Ferraris, diesel Rolls-Royces and Bentleys.
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This nautical life is a new experience and since it gives me great pleasure to share it with others, this year I bought another boat from Ferretti, a Custom Line CL106, and she is named Marican Forever, after Mario Canciello, my father and the founder of our business, Marican. She is a boat of  high design, elegant and refined, similar to my personal style. She accommodates 12 people and has a lot of outdoor space; the flybridge is enormous and adaptable to host 40 people for a big party.

The Gulf of Naples is my favourite cruising ground, but I adore the Costa Smeralda and the Costa Azzurra. Come summer, our first stops are Monte Carlo, Nice and Saint-Tropez, and then we head down to Corsica, followed by Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo and then back to our beautiful Naples.

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Maiora 90 yacht My Life

The people you bring on board are people you chose, whose company you enjoy — you share intimate moments, confide in each other because you are in a confined space. I remember one night, at sunset, I was on board with my wife and three children, and we were moored at the Faraglioni [rock formation] in Capri. When I remember it, I get emotional. Capri is a very romantic location, and I was living in a very beautiful moment in one of the most beautiful places in the world, with the people who are dearest to me. I truly felt like the richest man in the world ­—  rich in joy and happiness.

I never thought about owning a boat before because I had other passions, distracted especially by my passion for cars. I am a collector, especially of Ferraris, diesel Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. I have about 50 cars, including 10 Ferraris, my favourite of which is a Competizione.

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Ferretti 860 yacht Vittoria

For sure, there will be other boats in the future; my nascent passion has grown into a bit of a sickness, but it’s a beautiful thing. In winter, I participate in my club’s car rallies. Our Vega private members’ club has about 30 members, and we enjoy touring, making stops at five-star hotels and restaurants. I am Italian so, of course, food is important to me, and I have three Vega restaurants. I have cars, boats, restaurants, the love of my life, Roberta, and three children — what else do you need?

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