In pictures: The World Superyacht Awards 2024 judging weekend

The World Superyacht Awards 2024 judging weekend took place on 22-24 February. During this event, the judges convened to determine the winners for this year. The event was sponsored by NetJets, who joined the judges on the weekend trip.

The 19th annual edition of the World Superyacht Awards, in association with Acquera Club and The Glenrothes, will return to Venice, Italy, on 3-4 May. The nominations for the 2024 awards have now been selected.

The venue

The prestigious venue for the event was Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, an exquisite Belmond Hotel located in Oxfordshire, England. Crafted by the renowned chef Raymond Blanc OBE, this manor house hotel is a cherished gem. Since its inaugural year in 1984, Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons has proudly held two Michelin stars, a testament to its culinary excellence that continues to endure. Nestled amid manicured lawns, vibrant flower borders and picturesque orchards, the setting provided an idyllic backdrop for the World Superyacht Awards 2024 judging weekend, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

The guests

Marta de la Rocha, regional vice president of NetJets, Virginia Faixat and Marco Vögele

The event was attended by 18 judges of the World Superyacht Awards 2024, accompanied by their partners, along with BOAT International’s editor-in-chief, Stewart Campbell.

The welcome dinner

Virginia Faixat, Joaquín Folch-Rusinol, Sophie Bonvin and Carlos Ancira
Dick Raper, Helen Porter and Paola Trifiró

Attendees congregated in The Conservatory, located in the La Belle Époque wing, where they enjoyed welcome cocktails and a delightful dinner hosted by Stewart Campbell.

The judging

Stewart Campbell, Dick Raper and Jörg Wolle
Paola Trifiró and Matthew Voorhees
Steve Watson and Ilia Rigas

On 23 February, the judges gathered to decide the winners of the World Superyacht Awards 2024.

Partners’ day

Kathleen Brown and Marc Bond, regional vice president of NetJets
Emily Vafias, Charlotte Harris, Nina Vibe-Petersen, Natalie Boesen and Lia Campbell
Aline Matsika, Kathleen Brown and Helen Porter

While the judging session was underway, the partners of the judges indulged in a series of social activities. They spent the morning at the renowned Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons cooking school, guided by the school’s director, Mark Peregrine, and his team of skilled chefs. Later in the day, they explored the gardening school, discovering the secrets behind Le Manoir’s exceptional gardens and gaining valuable insights, ideas, and inspiration to take home with them.

The judges’ dinner

Jörg and Ramona Wolle
Steve Rigby, Steve Watson and Barry Houghton

Following a busy day of deliberation, the judges and guests were treated to a seven-course tasting experience at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, hailed as " a twist of imaginative genius".

The cultural day

Sophie Bonvin, Ilia Rigas, Barry Houghton and Marc Bond
Ramona Wolle
Aline Matsika
Fiona Brockhurst of Belmond, Charlotte Harris, Aline Matsika, Jan-Eric and Jennifer Österlund, Kathleen Brown, Victor Muller, Kim Schindelhauer, Peter Wilson, Jörg and Ramona Wolle, Lia and Stewart Campbell and Marta de la Rocha of NetJets

To conclude the judging weekend, guests were welcomed to the esteemed shooting grounds of E.J. Churchill, where they experienced a comprehensive array of simulated game drives, including high birds, partridge and even a rabbit drive. Guests with the highest level of accuracy were given hip flasks kindly provided by NetJets.

For more information about the World Superyacht Awards 2024, contact the BOAT International events team.


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